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Social Problems

Social Problems . For this discussion question, you may choose one of the following two prompts. Prompt 1: You recently read an article explaining how, in American society, questions of fact are increasingly becoming questions of politics. The article on climate change showed how politics and information intersect in increasingly confusing ways. What is another […]

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The story of Karen Wood’s death highlights several social problems

Prompt: Consider everything you have learned in this course about social problems – problems of inequality, problems of social institutions, problems of social behavior, and so on – and think about what you have learned in light of the article on Karen Wood’s death. What social problems do you see in the story? How did […]

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Social Work and Human Services

Type: Research paper Subject: Social Work and Human Services Purpose: This research paper is designed for you to closely examine and develop a better understanding of an age-related issue or challenge. Despite the global awareness of the baby boomers and our anticipated ‘aged society’, older adults have been viewed as a forgotten area of practice, […]

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Social Psychology: which theory is this?

Social Psychology: which theory is this? Albert Bandura’s theory of personality, which emphasizes the importance of observational learning, conscious cognitive processes, social experiences, self-efficacy beliefs, and reciprocal determinism. Theory that adds concerns with cognitive factors such as beliefs, self-perceptions, and expectation to social learning theory. Social cognitive theory distinguishes between enactive and vicarious learning The […]

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HBSE II – ASSIGNMENT #1:Social Work Power Point

Class: Social Work Power Point Assignment HBSE II – ASSIGNMENT #1: Issues & Local Resources PowerPoint Students will choose ONE issue or population from those listed below to create an informative and/educational PowerPoint. Presentations should be a MINIMUM of 10 slides (not including the title and reference slides). You are welcome to include more slides […]

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