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Market Failure and Behavioral Bias Theory in Explaining Financial Crises

Instructions CW2 Part 2 (60% of CW2 and 30% of the total overall module mark) 1. You must write a short focused essay which analyses and critically evaluates one of the two topics below. (1,500 words maximum). You will receive your grade, comments, overall feedback and feedback on the criteria via Turnitin within 3 weeks […]

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Creating a cross-platform digital marketing plan

Scenario Your agency administrator has tasked you with creating a cross-platform digital marketing plan that the Costa’s Customs can implement. You have been asked to summarize your knowledge of digital marketing and understanding of Costa’s clothing market in a slide presentation for the executive team which includes five other directors and the CEO. You were […]

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Part B: Marketing Strategy Development, Implementation and Control

MMK325 – Strategic Marketing – Trimester 1 2023 Assessment Task 2 Strategic Marketing Report (2a) – Group Submission 2700 words! PART 2A: Group Component Outline/Structure Part A: Situation Analysis Situation Analysis is based on the strategic analytical methods covered in this unit. Analysis and critical thought is important for situation analysis. You must focus and […]

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Assignment 2: Developing Marketing Plan

Assignment 2: Developing Marketing Plan (Using Marketing Model Canvas) Course Title: Entrepreneurship Course Code: MRKT-310 Program: Undergraduate Academic Year: 2022-2023 Semester: 3rd Maximum Marks: 15 Assignment Brief: Throughout the world developing and implementing marketing plans is the hallmark for marketers. As a result, most corporations see developing and managing marketing plans as an essential prerequisite […]

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MKT 602: Advanced Marketing Strategy & Digital Analytics Assessment

MKT 602: Advanced Marketing Strategy & Digital Analytics Assessment: Assessment Two: Analytics Project. 50% TMM (individual) Report Word Count: 2,000 words (maximum) Excel File: The completed workbook ‘Assessment2-workbook.xls’ Blue Bird, a British Shoe Maker business, has been struggling in recent years. Its traditional product line of hand-made leather shoes has experienced a decline in sales, […]

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MMC Launch Marketing Plan

Coursework Brief Summary information Type of assessment: MMC Launch Marketing Plan Individual or group: Individual Component weighting: Contributes 80% of the total module grade Learning outcomes assessed 1-7 Assessment instructions Assesses learning outcomes 1-7 Following the creation of the infographic, the board of your MMC brand organisation have decided to approve your new product for […]

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Marketing Concepts: Positioning, Marketing Mix, and Triple Bottom Line

Understanding Key Marketing Concepts: Positioning, Marketing Mix, and Triple Bottom Line Assignment Task Written Assignment – 1500 (plus or minus 10%) words (50%) Please write a short description of about 500 words for each of these questions, giving with examples to illustrate your application for the learning outcomes for this module: 1. Positioning is an […]

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MKT203: Service Infographic

MKT203: Service Infographic – Management Assignment Help 3–4 minutes Assignment Task Your task Individually, you will be researching the chosen service provider and preparing a 3-page infographic containing your responses to the tasks listed in the instructions below. Assessment Description Through this individual assessment, students will be able to explore how customer experience influences the […]

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