Mahad 1Kowsar MahadMarch 24,2016COMM 2050-02 InterpersonalCommunicationsIntercultural Film Analysis AssignmentRobot and FrankThe best science fiction is usually about our relationship with technology in someway — how technology changes us, and how we shape it, in turn. This is example. Selfdisclosure is Evaluative and descriptive information about the self, shared intentionally,that another would have trouble finding out without being told. (Pg. 153). Because themore I watch I realize that technology change us, But it’s rare for science fiction moviesto have something interesting to say about technological and scientific progress.Interdependence means that the people involved in the conflict are in some type of arelationship together that requires them to rely on one another. (Pg177). That’s why Robotand Frank isn’t just one of the year’s best movies — it’s also a must-see piece of sciencefiction. Knowing what to do with an aging or ill parent can be a difficult, divisive,sometimes heartbreaking affair, especially if children don’t live close by to provide dayto-day care. This would be a great example of emotion, which means that emotioninvolves only one person’s feelings. (Pg131). Because Frank shows that getting old issick but the worst is being along.Frank plays, whose failing memory is making living alone in a small town moredifficult, dangerous, and an increasing stress on his son, Hunter (James Marsden), whohas to drive up every weekend to make sure Frank is okay. Close relationship is that weMahad 2experience many kinds of relationships in our lives. (Pg 198). This is great example ofclose relationship because hunter decides to give Frank a healthcare robot, whose blockyshape and astronaut helmet looks a lot like Honda’s Asimo robot. But Frank initiallyhates the robot, voiced by Peter Sarsgaard, who cleans up Frank’s cluttered house, cookshim healthy meals, and encourages Frank to start a garden and engage in other physicallyand mentally stimulating activities.But the activity that really gets Frank going relates to his secret past as a catburglar, and when he learns that Robot can learn his skills without judgment, Frankdecides to use Robot to pull some heists to help save the town’s library, whose librarian,Jennifer (Susan Sarandon), Frank has a crush on. This would be a great example ofListening as the dynamic, transaction process of receiving, responding to, recalling, andrating stimuli and/ or messages from other. (Pg113). By teaching Robot the ins and outsof picking locks, staking out locations, and bypassing security systems, Frank is able toshare a part of his life he never could’ve revealed to Hunter. Premise, but as someonewho’s seen the highs and lows of being a caregiver for the elderly, it’s a movie thatquietly has a lot to say, that you should definitely track down.Meanwhile, Frank’s burglary expertise allows the movie to open up questions ofwhat we consider valuable — as Frank explains to the robot, he always specialized intaking the highest value objects that he could steal the most quickly. This would be greatexample of abstract, ideas such as love and justice do not have terms that correspond tolower rungs of the ladder of abstraction. (Pg. 73). But what makes something valuable?When Frank shoplifts horribly kitschy bath bombs from the schlocky store that’s replacedhis favorite restaurant, he treats them as precious because he stole them. And meanwhile,Mahad 3the public library is recycling all its books — except for a few volumes, which arevaluable. What makes them more valuable than other books? Is it the information inthem, or how it’s presented?Throughout the movie, as an audience, you start to notice his illness of thedisease. The common action of Frank ‘s suffering from Alzheimer is forgetting his son’sname. The father and his son’s relationship would be a great example of interdependence.Interdependence means that the people involved in the conflict are in some type of arelationship together that requires them to rely on one another (Pg. 177). His daughterMaddy says Hunter called her and Frank keeps saying Hunter until she tells that Hunter ishis son. That is another example of emotional communication, which means talking aboutour feelings to another person (Pg.137). This shows that his daughter is trying tocommunicate with him, so that he start repeating his name to remember who he is.The worst case of Frank is suffering from the disease happens toward the endwhen he visits the librarian at the library. When Frank is in her office, he notices apicture. The picture shows Frank and the librarian, which is his ex-wife. This is a greatexample would be meta-emotion, which means emotion felt about another emotion. (Pg139) because they both are expressing the same feeling. As she explains, Frank is feelingemotion and his face change.Mahad 4Content conflict, would be a great example of this case (P.g.179): the contentconflicts are often called “substantive” because they involve around the substance of aspecific issue.” (Pg.117). Because Frank is trying his best to know or remember but he isan experiencing symptom of Alzheimer, patients have a lack of memory. Harry’srestaurant, which closed weeks ago, is another case of Frank overlook on things. Alsothis is example of “ image conflict, a conflict with another about one’s sense of self. (Pg.178). For example Frank lost his memory but sometimes he knows what he is doing.Franks relationship with the Robot was meaningful in a sense. It was meaningfulbecause the Robot met Frank’s interest. Another example of conflict would be codeswitching, it means that shifting back and forth between languages, sometimes in thesame conversation or different situations. (Pg. 69). For example, the way Frank talks tothe robot is different than when he talks to his son. Frank always give order to the robotwhile he is talking to his son he listen and accept what the son saying.At its heart, Robot and Frank is a family movie — it’s the story ofFrank and his family, and what happens when a robot becomes part of thefamily. Chromatics the study of a person’s perception and use of time, tounderstand how people perceive and structure time their dialogue andrelationship with others (Pg102). But as this movie makes space for theMahad 5characters of Frank and his two kids (and their absent mother) to becomeliving, breathing characters, the robot’s role in their lives becomes morecomplex — and the inclusion of the robot makes this a much richer andmore honest family portrait, instead of just being a shiny gimmick graftedonto a traditional story of a senile man and his kids.

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