AI & the Future of Work (Part 1)
1 – Read the article titled: “The Trump administration, slanted science and the environment: 4 essential reads”
2 –
• Read the article titled: “Spurious correlations: Margarine linked to divorce?”
• Consider the following questions:
– What kind of evidence to we need to measure the impact of artificial intelligence on jobs?
– What kind of expertise does it require to show this evidence”.
3 – Read the article titled: “Automation and Anxiety”
4 – Read the abstract and have a look at the bibliography of the article titled: “Automation and Jobs: When Technology Boosts Employment”
5 – Consider the following questions:
• What is the difference in style and referencing between a magazine article and an academic journal?
• What kind of sources did the academic journal use to support the claim being made in the article?

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