CT 642 – M5
During this module, you explored the concepts of security perimeters, application security and attack surfaces of existing and emerging technologies.

Research how IoT and mobile technology is impacting the attack surface.
The Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile technology are increasingly being integrated into various industries and sectors, and this has led to a significant expansion of the attack surface. An attack surface refers to the total number and variety of vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cyber attackers to gain unauthorized access to a system or network.

Here are some ways in which IoT and mobile technology are impacting the attack surface:

Increased connectivity: The proliferation of IoT devices and mobile technology has led to an increase in the number of connected devices and systems, which can potentially be exploited by cyber attackers. For example, a security vulnerability in a smart home device could allow attackers to gain access to the entire home network, potentially compromising sensitive data and systems.

Limited security measures: Many IoT devices and mobile devices have limited security measures, making them more vulnerable to attacks. For example, IoT devices may not have strong passwords or may not be updated regularly with security patches, making them easy targets for attackers.

Lack of awareness: Many people may not be aware of the potential security risks associated with IoT and mobile technology, which can make them more susceptible to attacks. For example, people may use weak passwords or connect to unsecured networks without realizing the potential consequences.

The integration of IoT and mobile technology has significantly expanded the attack surface, and it is important for individuals and organizations to be aware of the potential security risks and take appropriate measures to protect themselves. This may include implementing strong security measures, keeping devices and software up-to-date, and educating users about best practices for protecting their devices and data.
Research the essential concepts and steps an organization should take to control the attack surface attributed to BYOD.
Explain application security and resilience.
The requirements:

For this assignment, you are to:

Develop a report that should be 4-5 pages, not including the title and reference pages, citing references as appropriate.
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