March 21, 2010, was not EBP’s date of birth, but it may be the date the approach “grew up” and left home to take on the world.

When the Affordable Care Act was passed, it came with a requirement of empirical evidence. Research on EBP increased significantly. Application of EBP spread to allied health professions, education, healthcare technology, and more. Health organizations began to adopt and promote EBP.

In this Discussion, you will consider this adoption. You will examine healthcare organization websites and analyze to what extent these organizations use EBP.

To Prepare:

Review the Resources and reflect on the definition and goal of EBP.
Choose a professional healthcare organization’s website (e.g., a reimbursing body, an accredited body, or a national initiative).
Explore the website to determine where and to what extent EBP is evident.
Post a description of the healthcare organization website you reviewed. Write My Essay | Papers Writing Service Online by Essay Hub Experts- Describe where, if at all, EBP appears (e.g., the mission, vision, philosophy, and/or goals of the healthcare organization, or in other locations on the website). Then, explain whether this healthcare organization’s work is grounded in EBP and why or why not. Finally, explain whether the information you discovered on the healthcare organization’s website has changed your perception of the healthcare organization. Be specific and provide examples.


To prepare for this discussion, I have reviewed a professional healthcare organization’s website, specifically the American Nurses Association (ANA). The ANA is a professional organization that represents the interests of registered nurses in the United States and promotes high standards of nursing practice, fosters a positive and ethical work environment, and advocates on healthcare issues that affect nurses and the public (source:
Upon exploring the ANA website, I found evidence of EBP in various sections. For instance, the organization’s mission statement emphasizes the importance of evidence-based practice: “ANA advances the nursing profession by fostering high standards of nursing practice, promoting a safe and ethical work environment, bolstering the health and wellness of nurses, and advocating on health care issues that affect nurses and the public” (source:
Additionally, the ANA has a dedicated section on their website for EBP, which includes resources, tools, and guidelines to help nurses implement evidence-based practices in their work (source: This demonstrates the organization’s commitment to promoting and supporting EBP within the nursing profession.
Based on the information available on the ANA website, it is clear that the organization’s work is grounded in EBP. They actively promote the use of evidence-based practices in nursing and provide resources to help nurses implement these practices in their daily work. This commitment to EBP is essential for ensuring that nurses provide the highest quality of care to their patients and contribute to the ongoing improvement of healthcare outcomes.
After reviewing the ANA website, my perception of the organization has been positively reinforced. Their dedication to promoting EBP and providing resources for nurses to implement these practices demonstrates their commitment to improving patient care and advancing the nursing profession. The ANA’s focus on EBP aligns with the broader healthcare industry’s shift towards evidence-based practices, which is essential for ensuring that healthcare organizations continue to provide the best possible care for their patients.

How to evaluate a healthcare organization’s website for evidence of evidence-based practice (EBP). When reviewing a healthcare organization’s website, you can look for the following indicators of EBP:

Mission, Vision, and Values: Check if the organization explicitly mentions EBP in its mission, vision, or value statements. If the organization emphasizes the importance of using the best available evidence to guide decision-making and improve patient care, it suggests a commitment to EBP.

Research and Publications: Look for sections on the website that highlight the organization’s research activities and publications. Organizations actively engaged in EBP often conduct and disseminate research findings to contribute to the body of evidence.

Clinical Practice Write My Essay Today: No1 Essay Writing Service AU for Your Academic Papers – Guidelines: Check if the organization provides clinical practice guidelines or protocols based on the best available evidence. These guidelines outline the recommended practices for specific conditions or treatments and demonstrate a commitment to EBP.

Educational Resources: Explore if the organization offers educational resources or continuing education opportunities related to EBP. This could include workshops, courses, or webinars aimed at promoting the understanding and application of EBP among healthcare professionals.

Quality Improvement Initiatives: Look for information on quality improvement initiatives or programs aimed at enhancing patient outcomes. These programs often incorporate EBP principles and methodologies to drive improvements in healthcare delivery.

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