Q1: What are cross-functional business processes? Provide and explain two examples of typical business processes found in retailers like Hyperone. Explain whether the business processes you have identified are cross-functional or not?

Q2: What are disruptive technologies? Name one of the disruptive technologies in the case, and explain your answer?

Q3: Describe how a Supply Chain Management System works. If you were consulted by Hyperone, which Supply Chain Management (SCM) system will you recommend? Will you advise a pull-based or a push-based SCM system? State your reasons.

Hyperone Case Study

Cross-functional business processes refers to the situation whereby the different units within a business works together to achieve common business objectives. Examples of the functional business processes include the sales process and customer services processes. These sales and customer service processes are cross functional because they involve diverse departments.
Disruptive technologies refer to an innovation, which forms a new market and later disrupts the existing market. An example is, a free application available on Android, Nokia, and iPhones among other sites. The app will create an online market for the business challenging the physical stores market.
Supply chain management system works through the flow of products from the suppliers to the clients. I would adverse Hyperone to implement the pull-based SCM system rather than the push-based SCM system because it allows for internal operations and quick filling of orders and products immediately after stockouts.

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