Help me with solutions to this questions. Identify and briefly describe the purpose of the three basic financial statements. What is the relationship between revenue and net income?What are assets, liabilities, and equity?If a company has assets of $8M, total liabilities of $5M, and net cash flow of $1M per month, what is the company’s equity?Depreciation expense is:A cash expenseEqual each year the asset is depreciatedA non-cash expenseB and C aboveIf a company depreciates an asset, purchased for $10M, over seven years using the straight-line method, what is the total depreciation expense at the end of year 5?A project has a net present value of zero. What does this mean to the company?Describe two disadvantages of the payback method for capital budgeting decisions?When comparing mutually exclusive projects, the NPV method is used to ___________.You work for a company whose primary long term financial goal is to undertake projects that maximize company value. You have been asked to provide a recommendation with respect to selecting one of two mutually exclusive projects. The first project has an NPV of $150K and an IRR of 10%. The second has an NPV of $120K and an IRR of $12.5%. Which project should you recommend and why?Your company has identified several independent projects that will add value to the company. Unfortunately, the company has an insufficient capital budget to undertake all of the projects. What general recommendation would you make for selecting the appropriate projects?

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