You will conduct an interview and respond to the Interview Assignment Discussion Board. Interview Assignment Guidelines: § You will identify an accounting professional who is not a lawyer (e.g. a practicing CPA or an accountant working internally for a large organization (e.g. Fortune 1000 company, national non-profit organization, branch of the Armed Services, or a mega-church with membership over 1,500)). § You will set up an interview with an accounting professional who may be active or retired. The Interviews: § Identify yourself as an MSA student doing research and make it clear that you will take no more than 30 minutes of the accounting professional’s time. § Explain that you are in a business law class for accountants. § Tell your interviewee that you have identified him or her as an accounting professional and that you wanted to find out an accounting professional’s perspective of the importance of an understanding of business law to his or her professional work. Have a good reason (e.g. personal knowledge, an article you have read, testimony of subordinates, etc.) § Discuss some of the core academic concepts you have learned in the course. You can find a good list to get you started by looking at the textbook’s table of contents. Discussion Board Thread Criteria § Submit a thread to the Discussion Board with a description of the interview. Include what you have learned about the importance of an understanding of business law to the accounting profession. § The description must be at least 1,000 words in length excluding the reference list. § § Sources to support your description are required. Additional Considerations: You must have a clear, academic rationale for the selection of your accounting professional. Failure to present said rationale will result in an immediate 20% reduction in grade.

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