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Recall a certain dufus who purchased 12x playsets of Bayou on 10Apr2014. Suppose this
person spent $12 getting each copy graded by Beckett’s Grading Services, which, on
average, increased the card’s resale value by 10%. Suppose the grad student was able to
liquidate everything on TCGPlayer 10Apr2016.

Assuming each Bayou sells separately with shipping costs $2.50 per card, and TCGPlayer
takes an 8% cut of all sales, what is the IRR for this investment? How does this compare
to the S&P 500 over the same period? (Use the attached Price Data for Revised Bayou
for your analysis.)

Lastly, suppose each card took an combined average of 30 mins to purchase, place in
inventory, list on TCGPlayer, and ship. What is the average hourly rate the grad student

Playset is 4 copies of a card, so 12 playsets = 48 cardsPrice on 4/10/2014: $148.41Price on 4/10/2016: $170.98 Could you show me the IRR formula, as well as solve for the answer? 

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