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For this project you will be creating the following files:Proj6.htmlProj6.jsProj6Submit.phpProj6.htmlThis file will contain a form for street, city, state, country, and zip.  There will also be a submit button and a “Clear Form” button.  The submit button will submit the form after validating that there is something written in each field.Validation that there is text in each field (non-null) must be accomplished with an include in the like this:The file being pointed to (Proj6.js) will contain the functions needed for validation.Proj6.jsThis is a javascript file.  It will contain two functions:checkform()clearform()The checkform() function will check each field in the form to make sure there are no fields left blank.  If there is a field left blank, a message box will appear indicating that a certain form field has not been filled out.The clearform() function will place nulls in each of the fields to reset the form.Proj6Submit.phpFor this, you would capture the data that has been entered and display it on the page. Echo out all the information submitted.You will also need to include a link back to Proj6.html here.

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