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LAB 6 [Check/Demo Date: Apr 4] This Lab is about writing a code for connecting two platforms via serial communication (TX and RX pins) [link to serial communication tutorial from SparkFun] so that a text message sent from a platform is received and displayed in the other platform.  As for components, this lab requires the following 4 components:  (a) 2 LEDs (one red and the other green color), (b) an analog input device; and (c) an LCD module.  The message communication for this lab should follow our class’ own 456 Protocol.  The completed work should function as follows:(1) a platform works at a given time as one of the two modes: transmitter or a receiver (but not both);(2) one time selection (right after uploading of the code or right after a reset button is pressed and releases)of the initial mode for transmitter or receiver is done by the position of the analog input (for example, a value or a position below a certain threshold would set the platform as a transmitter and a value higher as a receiver, or vice versa);(3) the LEDs in different color should indicate the selected mode in the following manner: {Red LED ON  – Green LED OFF}  for transmitter and {Green LED ON – Red LED OFF} for receiver mode;  How to connect LEDs to your platform pins (especially you do not have Grove-Kit provided LEDs)?  Check here.)(4) When the transmitter mode is selected, the code first pause for 2 seconds, then sends a secret text message (embedded in the code), following the 456 Protocol, of maximum 12 letters or numbers or combination of them at the speed of 9600 bps, repeatedly 3 times with 500 milli-second pause between messages and, after the transmission is completed, immediately changes its mode to receiver;(5) When the receiver mode is selected, with no delay, the code receives at 9600 bps the data stream (remember that there are multiple number of but the same text message coming in) and, at the end of the data receipt, decodes the data stream by the 456 Protocol, displays the Sender ID only (when the message is inteded for another platform) or Sender ID and the message (when the message is intended for the platform) on the LCD and, after the receipt and display is done, pauses 2 seconds and changes its mode to transmitter. As a starter, interesting tutorials are found: For Galileo: here, and here and here (for Arduino).  For TI Platform: here fore Energia Serial and here for an MSP430 -Serial tutorial.  The testing of this lab will be conducted with two platforms paired with TX and RX pins cross-connected.  Pairing for the test is up to the pairing parties.  The report of this lab, following the Lab Report Format, must be submitted by Apr 11 (M) in an electronic medium.

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