Leadership Self-exploration
While completing the leadership I was able to learn about the various things about my leadership skills and capabilities. One of the critical issues was my values in my personal and professional life. The most important value in my life was health. It is because physical and mental health is critical in the daily lives of the people. Good health is also important in promoting productivity in the workplace. Without good health, people cannot be able to achieve their objectives and live happily. Thus, having healthy mind and body is useful and significant in life.
The second valuable thing in my life was family happiness. I discovered that family happiness is critical as it acts as support systems in life. People with happy families are able to accomplish their objectives as it serves as a motivation. Strong family relations are also critical in motivating and pushing people to achieve their overall goals in the professional life. The next significant value was personal development. Surprisingly, I discovered that it is critical to personal develop oneself. It defines the aspects of continuous improvement which would help me in understanding my strengths and weaknesses. Personal development programs will assists me in making corrective improvements in my life. The fourth value in life is friendship. Just like family, having friends is useful as it offers support systems to succeed in life. The friends will be able to correct me and offer guidance in me making informed decisions.
The last important value in my life is being responsible to certain people and things. As a young person, I learned that being responsible to my family, friends and oneself is critical. Taking responsibility would give respect among other people within the society. It is because responsible people are valuable and useful in influencing the decisions making process within the society. From the five values in my life, I learned it is useful to understand the essential things life as they would offer guidance towards having both success personal and professional lives.
From the philosophical orientation questionnaire, I learned that I value personal relationships more than I value my career and professional lives. For example, I feel more proud of my personal lives including the ability to create good relations with people. The choice compares to other professional things such as the creation of new products and creation of financial wealth. I did not know that I can make contribution to other’s people lives through helping them build relationships with others.
In addition, I perform well with other people due to my pragmatic nature. It shows that I am not rigid and am always ready to accommodate other people in my life. The ability to involve other people is critical in being able to make good decisions in life. Thus, my pragmatism is useful in ensuring that I make informed decisions through engaging other people in my life. In terms of the scores of the philosophical orientation, the human value has the highest score. The lowest score was the pragmatic value. On the other hand, the intellectual value had a medium value. It shows my ability to create personal relationships and intellectual capacity is very high. As a leader, I believe I am best suited due to my strong human and intellectual value and capability. My medium intellectual value shows that I have strong desire to develop frameworks to describe certain issues and variables within my life. It could also indicate my skills for sense making, technology skills, theory, information analysis, and quantitative skills.
Considering the three value orientations, I think the ranking of preferences of the organization I worked would start with intellectual value, human value and then pragmatic value. The organization emphasized on the employees to have the strong understanding of issues and the ability to use technology and their educational research skills to research things. If the leaders, executives and opinion leaders took the philosophical orientation questionnaire, their combine scores would be different from my scores.
Unlike my scores, the combine scores of the leaders and executives would value the intellectual value and pragmatic value more than the human value. It shows that the leaders only rely on the values of promoting shared decision making skills and experiences. There are differences in the ranking of the values. In my personal ranking, the pragmatic value was ranked the second. On the other hand, the combine scores of the leaders and executives indicate pragmatic value was ranked the last. However, in both rankings, intellectual value was ranked highly. The consequences were that there is a need to improve my pragmatic skills and motivation. Such actions would help to transform my leadership potential in the future.
I think that the sense of belonging, willingness to align with the organization’s mission and objectives, and personal values are important in determining which organization to work for. These aspects are important in improving my ability to perform well in the workplace. It will integrate the significant leadership values in achieving the overall mission and goals. It will help in ensuring that I am focused on delivering quality work and performing well depending on the organization’s mission and vision. The compatibility with the mission and goals for the organization is useful in promoting productivity, as it ensures that the employees are motivated and dedicated to perform well.

Three Leadership Qualities
In the next 18 months, the three leadership qualities I want to enhance includes good communication, accountability and confident skills. The three leadership qualities and skills are inevitable for any leader seeking to perform well in the organizations.
In the next 18 months, the three leadership qualities I want to enhance includes good communication, accountability and confident skills. As a leader, it is important to have good communication skills which are critical. I believe as a leader I should be able to communicate with other people within the organization. Effective communication involves understanding the intentions and emotions of the people. I will need to understand the emotions and feelings of other lower level employees to succeed in my leadership practice. Through effective communication skills, I learned that I will be able to expand my connections with other people, improving decision making and the overall teamwork in the organization. Without such communication networks, it will be easy to resolve conflicts and improve trust.
Accountability involves the responsibility and reliability within the organization. It involves ensuring that the people can trust you within the company. Being accountable as a leader is important. It helps in promoting employee engagement as well as the motivation of the employees within the organization. Accountability works well with the organization’s objectives, as it promotes understanding of outcomes. In leadership, accountability involves creating clear goals and objectives that are useful in engaging all the employees in the organization. Through proper accountability, I will be able to account for my roles and personal success.
Expanding the confident skills will involve developing skills about knowledgeable and analytical skills as well as promoting leadership image and a good role model for the people within the society. Confidence skills help in accepting my ability to transform my life. I believe that my strong confident sills will help me in performing my roles and functions well. Based on the three leadership skills, I believe I will have the self-esteem and motivation to perform better. Some of the ways of improving my confidence skills includes improved learning and training and having positive thoughts to achieve my targets in my both personal and professional life.
Intellectually, I am always excited with the ability to engage other people in performing well. I am really looking to being a caring, respectful and responsible person in life. I believe being caring and respectful is a critical quality needed to improve motivation and support good leadership in my life. Going forward, it is useful to promote responsibility within the organization. My intellectual capacity will depend on my focus to become a better leader within the organization.
Personally, I desire an inclusive lifestyle that involves creating good relations with the people. It will involve being accommodative to the ideas of other people which is critical. It is because I recognize it is critical to involve other people to enhance effective leadership. I tend to live a life of caring about other people while taking responsibility of my actions. Accommodative lifestyle will be important in supporting performance and overall productivity. Thus, I understand that my lifestyle will involve other individuals to promote good relations with other people.
Professionally, I want to be remembered as confident and reliable leader who was able to engage other stakeholders in coming up with good projects and decisions within the organization. It is also because I seek to be available and my willingness to work with other people is important. I will seek to build my confident skills by increasing my experience in leadership. Havign the experience helps people make better decisions and learn how to think positively. Being assertive would also be helpful I improving my ability to become more confident and assertive. As a confident leader, I am able to achieve better outcomes and Therefore, I want people to recognize me as leader who were confident and reliable within the organization in promoting effective leadership.

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