Develop an analysis WITH management tips for each of the assignment cases below.  At least two sources (APA style) other should be cited for each answer.






Case 1

The Fairview County Public Library has 516 employees, including 163 librarians. A study of the library staff reveals that 3 out of 30 supervisors in the library branches are male although men make up 25% of the branch librarians. In order to increase the number of male supervisory librarians, the library decides to implement an affirmative action plan that would consider gender as one component of the decision when promoting librarians.



Case 2

Paku is an American of Indonesian ancestry. He wants to work for Quality Movers as a mover. Paku was a mixed martial arts fighter for five years and is very strong. However, when he applies for a job at Quality, he is told that he is too short because all employees who work as movers must be at least 5’7″ and he is 5’4”. Quality is a family business run by Frank, his son Randy and their wives who staff the office. They employ 6 other movers.

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