Management of Technology (MGT 325) Assignment

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College of Administrative and Financial Sciences
Assignment 1
Management of Technology (MGT 325)
Due Date: 14 Jan 2023@11:59pm

Course Name: Management of Technology Student’s Name:
Course Code: MGT 325 Student’s ID Number:
Semester: Second CRN:
Academic Year:2022-23-2nd Semester

Learning Outcomes:
 1. Recognize the dynamics and the importance of managing technological innovations strategically.
Technological innovations can have a significant impact on businesses and organizations, and managing them strategically is crucial for success. Some of the key dynamics and importance of managing technological innovations strategically include:

Competitive advantage: Managing technological innovations strategically can help organizations to differentiate themselves from their competitors and gain a competitive advantage. For example, an organization that is able to effectively adopt and implement new technologies may be able to offer more advanced products or services, streamline their operations, or improve their customer experience.

Cost and efficiency: Managing technological innovations strategically can help organizations to reduce costs and increase efficiency. For example, by adopting new technologies that automate certain processes or improve supply chain management, an organization may be able to reduce operational costs and improve their overall efficiency.

Risk management: Managing technological innovations strategically can also help organizations to mitigate risks associated with technological change. For example, by conducting thorough market research and carefully assessing the potential risks and benefits of adopting a new technology, an organization may be able to avoid costly mistakes or setbacks.

Talent management: Managing technological innovations strategically can also involve managing and developing the skills of the organization’s workforce to ensure that they are able to effectively use and support new technologies. This can involve providing training and development opportunities, as well as recruiting and retaining employees with the necessary skills and expertise.

Critical Thinking:

Students are required to refer to and read the article ‘Technology Shocks, Technological Collaboration, and Innovation Outcomes – Schilling, Melissa’. Access to the article can be gained through SDL or through the bellow mentioned link

Once the article has been thoroughly read and understood, write a clear and material abstract with a suitable title.

Pointers for student’s reference

 Introduction must include-
 A concise concept and the idea of the entire article.
(300-350 Words) 3 Marks

 Body must include-
 Explanation of how a technology shock may simultaneously unleash significant innovation opportunities while creating great uncertainty in the economic environment.
(300-400 Words) 4 Marks

 Describe the learnings that can be taken from the article about the joint effects of technological shocks and collaboration activity on innovation.
(300-400 Words) 4 Marks

 Conclusion must include-

 Identification and explanation of at least one topic which connects both the course material and the above-mentioned article to your learnings from chapters covered so far. (200-250 Words) 1.5 Marks

 Clear explanation of your own understanding, ideas, and viewpoints developed after reading the article.
(100-150 Words) 1.5 Marks

 Others-
 Title is compulsory
 Peer-reviewed journals and References should be used to support your submission.
1 Mark

Note for students: Only covering these pointers for the essay will not guarantee awarding of full marks, please do your research well and include other content too. These pointers are just to guide.

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