The marketing plan is always aligned with the company’s business plan. The business plan usually includes quantitative goals, such as increasing revenue. It also includes qualitative goals, such as building goodwill through brand-building techniques and by going beyond formal promotion and advertising plans, such as community partnerships. Review the following Web site about how to write a marketing plan: To begin understanding more about your company, start drafting the following sections of your marketing plan. You will add sections to the plan throughout the next few weeks. Based on your company’s information, outline the following: 1.What are the business goals and objectives of your company for the next year? ◦This should include information about quantitative and qualitative goals of the company. ◦If the company has a mission statement, determine if the company’s goals align with the mission statement. 2.Draft marketing objectives to meet the business goals and objectives of the company’s plan. 3.Draft a section about the company’s target customer groups. ◦Develop a customer profile. ◦Include demographic and psychographic information about the customers. 4.Identify at least 4–5 tactical marketing strategies that you will use to implement your marketing plan.

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