MBA401: People, Culture and Contemporary Leadership Assessment – Video Presentation

Assignment Task

The Assessment Task

Students will create an individual video presentation that will explore and analyse an organisation’s work-place culture. The organisation can be in Australia or elsewhere but must be currently in existence. The analysis is to be undertaken having regard to the Model of Organisational Culture identified by Edgar Schein.

About the Video Presentation Format

The presentation format for this assessment has restrictions:

No more than 12-15 slides;
No more than 7 minutes presentation duration in total;
Students will be required to show themselves and be a visual part of the presentation.

Assessment Description

In recent weeks students have explored a range of theories and practical examples regarding leadership, people, and organisational culture. For this video presentation, students will apply Schein’s Model of Organisational Culture to explore and analyse a contemporary organisation (of their own choice, currently in existence and MUST be drawn from the list of industries provided).

The video should include an analysis of the following:

Summarise the current situation of the organisation in relation to its workplace culture using Schein’s Model to help guide your thinking.
Apply theories or concepts studied to support your analysis of the three organisational levels of culture you discussed.
Consider the current external environment to summarise what aspects of the organisation’s culture are most exposed to external environment uncertainty?

List of industries to explore for the choice of organisation.

Students may choose an organisation only from one of the industries shown in the following list. Students may not choose any other industry for this assessment.

Industry Category

Charity/Not for Profit

This MBA401-Management Assignment

As an AI language model, I cannot create a video presentation. However, I can provide guidance and assistance in completing the assignment. Here is a sample outline for the video presentation:


Introduce the chosen organization and its industry
Briefly explain Schein’s Model of Organizational Culture and its relevance to the analysis

Describe the current situation of the organization’s workplace culture using Schein’s Model as a guide
Artifacts: What can be seen, heard, and observed in the workplace?
Espoused values: What are the organization’s stated values and beliefs?
Basic underlying assumptions: What are the deep-rooted beliefs and unconscious assumptions that guide behavior and decision-making?
Apply relevant theories or concepts studied in the course to support the analysis of the three levels of culture
For example, use transformational leadership theory to explain how leaders can influence the espoused values and underlying assumptions of the organization
Discuss how the external environment affects the organization’s culture
Identify the aspects of the culture that are most exposed to external environment uncertainty
Explain how the organization can adapt to changes in the external environment while maintaining its core values and beliefs

Summarize the main points of the analysis
Provide recommendations for how the organization can improve its workplace culture based on the analysis and theories/concepts discussed
Remember to keep the video within the allotted time and slide limit, and to include visual aids and yourself in the presentation. Good luck with your assignment!