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Communications – public relationships

Communications – public relationships Communications studies is a branch of study that focuses primarily on the study of interpersonal communication. The abilities learned in communications studies are transferable to a variety of professions. This is the primary reason why many educational institutions require pupils to study this academic subject. In communications studies, there are three […]

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Date: January 23rd, 2023

Social Media in Organisations-Your Experiences

Social Media in Organisations-Your Experiences Many organisations fail to understand the importance of social media in their internal operations. Social media provides a platform for ensuring effective interactions among the workers, the management, and the stakeholders. Treem, and Leonardi (2013) showed that it has been shown that social media has been used by several companies […]

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Date: January 20th, 2023

MGT502 Business Communication

ASSESSMENT 3 BRIEF Subject Code and Title MGT502 Business Communication Assessment Instructional Presentation Individual/Group Individual Length 5 minutes Learning Outcomes comple a) The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful tion of the task below include: Apply research, academic and communication skills appropriate to the level of study and observe academic referencing requirements. c) Identify and […]

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Date: January 19th, 2023

Use the O*NET Interest Profiler

During this week, you will spend time researching careers more thoroughly. Use the O*NET Interest Profiler to begin your research. Share one or two careers that interest you the most. Explain why you are considering these as possible careers. What influenced you to choose these fields? Was it perhaps an experience or a person? What […]

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Date: January 18th, 2023

The media plays a significant role in shaping how race, class, and gender

DESCRIPTION: Select three television shows or two movies depicting gender, race and class. Write a study on the media’s impact of how race, class and gender are viewed in American society. Analyze the tv shows/movies based on gender, race and class. What family dynamic exists? How do the tv shows influence women? (self esteem, self […]

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Date: January 16th, 2023

Mass media and pandemic panic

Mass media and pandemic panic Mass media plays a significant role in shaping public perception and response to pandemics, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The way that information is presented in the media can greatly influence how individuals perceive the threat of a disease and the actions they take to protect themselves and others. […]

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Date: January 13th, 2023

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