Health assessment
Module 11 Written Assignment – Reflection
Module 11 Content
In a Word® document answer the following questions. LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

1. What two areas of knowledge have you gained?
2. What specific health assessment skills are you now able to integrate into your nursing care?
3. Are there any areas that still remain unclear? What will you do to increase your clarity?

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Module 11 Written Assignment – Reflection

Throughout this module, I have gained knowledge in two main areas: comprehensive health assessment and communication skills in nursing.

After completing this module, I have developed specific health assessment skills that I can now integrate into my nursing care. These skills include:

a. Conducting a thorough health history: I have learned the importance of gathering relevant information about a patient’s medical history, current symptoms, lifestyle, and psychosocial factors. This helps in identifying potential health risks and developing appropriate nursing interventions.

b. Performing a systematic physical examination: I have acquired knowledge about the various techniques and tools used to assess a patient’s physical health. This includes techniques such as inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation, as well as the use of instruments like stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs.

c. Recognizing normal and abnormal findings: I have learned to differentiate between normal and abnormal findings during a health assessment. This skill enables me to identify potential health issues, initiate appropriate interventions, and collaborate with other healthcare professionals to ensure comprehensive patient care.

d. Documenting assessment findings accurately: I now understand the importance of documenting assessment findings accurately and promptly. This skill ensures clear communication among healthcare team members, facilitates continuity of care, and provides a reference for future assessments.

While I have gained substantial knowledge in health assessment, there may still be areas that remain unclear or need further clarification. To increase my clarity in these areas, I will take the following steps:

a. Seeking additional resources: I will explore textbooks, journal articles, and reputable online sources to deepen my understanding of specific health assessment topics that I find challenging.

b. Engaging in peer discussions: I will actively participate in discussions with my classmates or colleagues to exchange knowledge and clarify any doubts we may have regarding health assessment concepts.

c. Seeking guidance from instructors or mentors: If there are specific areas that I find particularly unclear, I will reach out to my instructors or mentors for further clarification and guidance.

d. Practicing skills: I will continue to practice my health assessment skills in real-world nursing settings or through simulated scenarios to enhance my proficiency and gain more confidence.

In conclusion, this module has equipped me with valuable knowledge in comprehensive health assessment and communication skills in nursing. I am now able to integrate specific health assessment skills into my nursing care, such as conducting a thorough health history, performing a systematic physical examination, recognizing normal and abnormal findings, and documenting assessment findings accurately. While there may be areas that still require clarification, I am committed to increasing my clarity through seeking additional resources, engaging in peer discussions, seeking guidance from instructors or mentors, and practicing my skills.

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