MUSC 1033: Appreciation of Music

Final Essay: Music and Emotion Through Time


Watch the TED Talk, “

Music and Emotion Through Time.”

Write a 3-4 page essay, being sure to

cover both of the guidelines below. Your essay must be typed and double spaced, using New

Times Roman font. Heading material should be single spaced.

Half of your essay (1½-2 pages) should give a summary of the content of the video, as

well as a brief reflection on your opinion/thoughts on the video. Be as detailed as


The second half of your essay (1½-2 pages) gives you an opportunity to express how

your view of music evolved throughout the semester. Please take into consideration

both “Popular Music” (Jazz, Folk, Religious, Popular music styles, etc. from first half the

semester) and “Art Music” (Classical Music from Renaissance through Romantic Eras).

You can also draw on your experiences attending the required concerts throughout the

semester, as well as any concepts or topics we discussed, either in lectures or

assignments that made you view music in different way.

Please use proper paragraph format and academic language. This is an essay, NOT a reflection

assignment from your Blue Books. This grade will take the place of the fourth exam that we

were unable to fit in as planned. If you go beyond the 3-4 page length requirement, that is fine.

Points will be deducted if your essay is shorter than the required length

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