A. CAT: Dissemination of Evidence-Based Practice

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B. CAT: Christian World View Week 7

Words can make or break someone. How do we fill each other up with words to bring out the best in the people around us? Do you have an example of when your words made a difference? Or when your words did harm? How did you manage this? Remember our words can impact many things. Choose them carefully. Take some time for thought before speaking them. (150 Words).


Capstone Change Project Evaluation Plan

Assessment Description

The assignment will be used to develop a written implementation plan.

Step 1) Review your strategic plan to implement the change proposal, the objectives, the outcomes, and listed resources.

Step 2) Develop a process to evaluate the intervention if it were implemented.

Step 3) Write a 250 word summary of the evaluation plan that will be used to evaluate your intervention. Address the following in your summary:

· What data was collected?

· What tool will be used to collect the data?

· Who will be responsible for collecting data?

· How will this data be communicated to the team? (4 FULL PAGES)


I have realized that working on a capstone project is not an easy task as it requires a lot of effort. However, in general, the highlights of a strategic plan depend on the specific organization and its goals. Some common elements of a strategic plan might include a mission statement, goals and objectives, strategies for achieving those goals, and metrics for measuring success. Modifications to a strategic plan may need to be made based on changes in the organization’s internal or external environment, such as changes in the market, customer preferences, or regulatory requirements. Regular review and assessment of the plan can help identify areas where modifications may be necessary (Ginter, Duncan and Swayne, 2018).

To start with identifying my goals and objectives. I have developed an outline, which highlights the strategic plan for the capstone project. The highlights are centered around identifying the problem of non-adherence to medication among older adults and what needs to change, which will then be followed a literature review of previous research on the same topic. The plan will be fully executed by presenting an implementation plan, including data analysis methods, and then assessing potential implementation problems and steps to overcome them. There will also be a discussion of the implications of my findings for practice. To attain the additional information needed for a capstone project paper, my plan involves conducting a systematic review of the relevant literature, consult with subject matter experts, collect, and analyze data using appropriate methods, and revise the paper based on feedback from mentor, peers and faculty advisors.


Ginter, P. M., Duncan, W. J., & Swayne, L. E. (2018). Strategic management of healthcare organizations. John Wiley & Sons.


Professional Capstone and Practicum Reflective Journal

Assessment Description

Students are required to submit weekly journal entries throughout the course. These reflective narratives help students identify important learning events that happen throughout the course and the practicum. In each week’s entry, students should reflect on the personal knowledge and skills gained.

Write a reflection journal (300 words) to outline what has been discovered about your professional practice, personal strengths and weaknesses, and additional resources that could be introduced in a given situation to influence optimal outcomes. Each week there will be a specific focus to use in your reflection. Integrate leadership and inquiry into the current practice. Please make sure to address all areas in your writing.

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Assignment 1:

The article provided on dissemination of evidence-based practice highlights the importance of sharing knowledge and promoting the implementation of evidence-based practice (EBP) in healthcare. It emphasizes the need to bridge the gap between research and practice by promoting knowledge translation and identifying barriers to implementation. The article highlights the importance of using different dissemination strategies, including social media, online platforms, and print media to promote EBP.

As a language model, I have observed that dissemination of EBP is critical to improving patient outcomes, and health care practitioners should be encouraged to incorporate evidence-based interventions into their practice. write my research paper owl essayservice uk writings. disseminating the latest evidence-based information, healthcare providers can ensure that their practices are aligned with the most recent research and can enhance patient care.

Assignment 2:

My strategic plan for the capstone project involves developing a comprehensive implementation plan to promote medication adherence among older adults. To evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention, I plan to collect data on medication adherence rates before and after implementing the intervention. The data will be collected using self-report questionnaires completed by patients and prescription refill data from the pharmacy.

The responsibility for data collection will be shared between the healthcare providers and the patients. Healthcare providers will provide self-report questionnaires to patients during their follow-up appointments, while pharmacy data will be collected by pharmacy staff.

The collected data will be analyzed using statistical software, and the results will be communicated to the project team and stakeholders through reports and presentations. Feedback will be solicited from the team to make improvements to the intervention.

Overall, the evaluation plan aims to provide valuable information on the effectiveness of the intervention in promoting medication adherence among older adults. The data collected will be essential in identifying areas of improvement, ensuring that the intervention is evidence-based, and improving patient outcomes.

Assignment 3:

The role of technology in improving healthcare outcomes has been a critical area of focus in my professional practice. As a language model, I have observed that technology has the potential to transform healthcare delivery, enhance patient outcomes, and improve patient satisfaction.

In my current practice, I have gained knowledge on the importance of electronic health records (EHR) and how they can be used to enhance care delivery. Additionally, I have learned about the importance of telehealth and how it can increase access to care, particularly in underserved communities.

Research Paper Writing Service: Professional Help in Research Projects for Students – One of my personal strengths in using technology in healthcare is my ability to adapt quickly to new technologies. However, my weakness lies in staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements in healthcare. I plan to address this by reading industry publications and attending relevant webinars and conferences.

To influence optimal outcomes, additional resources that could be introduced include educational programs for healthcare providers on the latest technological advancements and their applications in healthcare delivery. Additionally, providing access to technology for patients and healthcare providers in underserved areas can help improve healthcare outcomes and bridge the healthcare gap. In conclusion, incorporating technology in healthcare can significantly improve healthcare outcomes and should be embraced by healthcare providers to enhance patient care delivery.

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