NUR341: Assessment of Aged Care Services, Interdisciplinary Care, and Medication Management – Essay Writing

Assignment Task

Read the clinical scenario and the answer the assessment questions in an essay format.

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You are working in a community clinic as a registered nurse. Your next patient is Ms Florence ‘Flo’ Ljukuta and her husband Lionel. Flo is 70 years old, and Lionel is 84 years old. Flo is the primary carer for her husband who has physical disabilities due to a stroke and was recently diagnosed with dementia. Flo would normally attend the clinic regularly, but you notice in her records she has not presented in nearly 12 months. The last entry on the eHealth record is a hospital visit due to a fall last year.

When Flo and Lionel arrive, you notice that Flo is limping and they both appear underweight. You also notice Flo and Lionel looking untidy wearing clothes which appear to be dirty, which is very unusual for them. You read both Flo and Lionel’s medical file and identify no services are currently linked to them and Flo is looking after a lot of family in her house.

When you ask Flo, what has brought her in, Flo tells you she has a wound on her right foot which she has been dressing at home for three months, but it is not getting better. Flo tells you she hasn’t seen a doctor about her foot earlier because it was only a small wound and she didn’t want to trouble anyone. Flo also stated because she doesn’t drive, she is finding it difficult to catch public transport with Lionel. She can’t leave him at home because he sometimes becomes agitated and upset plus the children are so busy looking after their little ones, she doesn’t want to bother them.

Assessment Questions

Question 1: Aged care services and interdisciplinary care to maintain independence (recommend 1250words)

Students must:

Identify TWO (2) aged care services/packages
Identify TWO (2) interdisciplinary referrals
Detail the goal or purpose of each of these services/packages/referrals
Provide a rationale for each service/referral you have selected
Explain how each service/referral relates to Flo’s presentation
Explain the impact of Flo’s geographical location may have on accessing these services and interdisciplinary referrals

Hint: you can identify services in your local area to help increase your knowledge of services you will be referring to in your local health network.

Question 2: Medication management (recommend 750words)

The older person is vulnerable to adverse drug events. Examining Flo’s medication history answer the following questions.

Identify and describe Three (3) factors in the case study which increases the risk of an adverse drug event
Choose TWO (2) medications and describe: 1. what is the indication for each medication? 2. Any potential complications that Flo may experience while taking this medication
Two (2) nursing actions or health promotion you would implement to minimize adverse drug events.

Please note: if a student details more than the requested volume of factor, the marker will address and mark only the prescribed amount as outlined.

This NUR341-Medical Science Assignment


The case study of Ms Florence ‘Flo’ Ljukuta and her husband Lionel highlights the challenges that elderly people face, particularly those who are carers. This essay will address two assessment questions related to aged care services, interdisciplinary care, and medication management. In response to the first question, two aged care services/packages, and two interdisciplinary referrals will be identified, along with their goals and purpose. A rationale for each service/referral will be provided, and how each relates to Flo’s presentation will be explained, along with the impact of her geographical location on accessing these services. The second question will identify and describe three factors that increase the risk of an adverse drug event. Two medications will be described, along with the indications for each medication and any potential complications that Flo may experience while taking this medication. Additionally, two nursing actions or health promotion strategies will be suggested to minimize adverse drug events.

Question 1: Aged care services and interdisciplinary care to maintain independence

Aged care services/packages:

Home Care Package (HCP) level 2:
The HCP level 2 is a package designed to support people who need low-level care and wish to live independently in their own home. The package includes support with daily activities, such as personal care, transport, and domestic assistance. HCP level 2 can provide Flo with a trained carer to assist with her husband’s needs, including daily activities and personal care. This support can also provide respite care for Flo, allowing her to take care of her wound and attend regular medical appointments.

Allied Health Services:
Allied health professionals can provide services such as podiatry, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy to help manage Flo’s medical condition. Podiatry can provide appropriate treatment for Flo’s foot wound, physiotherapy can help improve her mobility and strength, and occupational therapy can provide equipment and strategies to help Flo care for her husband and maintain her own health.

Interdisciplinary Referrals:

A geriatrician is a medical specialist who provides care for older adults. A referral to a geriatrician can ensure that Flo’s complex health needs are being addressed, and her medications are optimized to manage her medical conditions. The geriatrician can also provide advice on how to manage her husband’s dementia and physical disabilities.

Social Worker:
A referral to a social worker can provide Flo with support to address her social and emotional needs. The social worker can provide information on support groups and respite care options for her husband. The social worker can also provide advice on accessing financial assistance and other services that may benefit her.


The identified services are appropriate for Flo’s needs as she requires support to maintain her independence while caring for her husband. The HCP level 2 package can provide Flo with the assistance she requires to manage her husband’s care needs while providing her with the opportunity to care for herself. Allied health services can provide Flo with access to healthcare professionals who can help manage her medical conditions and provide strategies to improve her quality of life. Referrals to a geriatrician and social worker are essential for Flo to manage her complex care needs and to provide emotional support.

Geographical location:

The geographical location of Flo may impact her ability to access these services. Availability and access to services may differ depending on where Flo lives. Rural areas may have limited services, and transport may be challenging. However, accessing telehealth services and technology can provide Flo with access to care regardless of her location.

Question 2: Medication management

Factors that increase the risk of an adverse drug event:

Polypharmacy: Flo is taking multiple medications, which increases the risk of an adverse drug event due to medication interactions and side effects.

Age-related changes: The changes

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