Nursing Research Study

The Development of Psychopathy

Instructions Module 3 Assignment Instructions for this Assignment Purpose: Achieve an understanding of how environment and culture contribute to the development of psychopathy. Task(s): Examine and illustrate the roles that environment and culture play in the development of psychopathy. Using Microsoft Word, write a response paper describing what role you think environment and culture play […]

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NURS 5163 – Comprehensive Care of the Older Person

NURS 5163 – Comprehensive Care of the Older Person Assessment 3 – Portfolio Your Name & Student Number Table of Contents 1. Learning Activity 5 – Ageing Population 2 2. Learning Activity 19 – Policies & Guidelines 3 3. Learning Activity 22 – Recommendations from the Royal Commission 4 4. Learning Activity 23 – Physical […]

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Reflection/Associate Degree In Nursing Capstone

Module 11 Discussion – Reflection/Associate Degree In Nursing Capstone. Directions: Reflection Initial Post Areas for reflection: Describe how you achieved each course competency, including at least one example of new knowledge, gained related to that competency. Describe how you achieved the transferable skills (listed below), including at least one example of new knowledge, gained related […]

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Fiscal Planning and Cost Containment in Nursing Leadership

Discuss fiscal planning and cost containment financial factors that pertain to today’s professional nursing roles in leadership Criteria: Develop a scholarly paper that addresses the following criteria: 1. Discuss the budgetary process a. Types of budgets b. Budgeting measures 2. Discuss health-care reimbursement a. Medicare and Medicaid b. Prospective payment systems c. Managed care 3. […]

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JJ is a 7-year-old male that has been dealing with asthma

• Review the Resources for this module and consider the legal and ethical implications of prescribing prescription drugs, disclosure, and nondisclosure. • Review the scenario assigned by your Instructor for this Assignment. • Search specific laws and standards for prescribing prescription drugs and for addressing medication errors for your state or region, and reflect on […]

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Reflection on Experiences as a Member of a Clinical Team

Discussion post. Reflect on your experiences as a member of a clinical team. What makes a team effective or ineffective in terms of achieving expected outcomes for the patients? (Saunders, 2014) Submission Instructions: • Your initial post should be at least 500 words, formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least […]

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Factors Influencing First-Time Success on the NCLEX Exam

Select a nursing’ research about the factors that influence passing the NCLEX exam the first time and outline your thoughts about it. 3 or more scholarly sources must be utilized Sources must be within the last 5 years ________________ Factors Influencing First-Time Success on the NCLEX Exam: A Nursing Research Study Introduction: The National Council […]

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