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Enterprises are now focusing on online marketing to promote their products. Online marketing is preferred because it is cheaper and businesses can reach a large number of potential customers. This study focuses on marketing operations at Amazon Inc., one of the leading e-commerce companies across the globe. Amazon Inc. uses online digital marketing to reach more customers. The company has been generating more revenue from online advertising compared to other platforms. For instance, while Twitter made revenue of $2.1billion through advertisements in the year 2017, Amazon generated revenue of $2.2 billion in 2018 through online marketing (Avtar, 2018). Amazon advertises its products using online ads that are similar to Google, Facebook, and other online platforms. The company has integrated the self-serve ads platform where customers can select a variety of products that are made available by Amazon. Amazon has employed the online marketing methods to rank their products higher through the search engines.
Offline Marketing Methods
There are several methods used by companies for offline marketing. These methods include newspapers advertisements, Word of mouth, events, trade shows, and radio advertisements. Newspaper advertisements have been in use for a number of years. Most businesses use newspapers to market their products. Advertising on newspapers requires the payment of a definite cost of advertising which is specified by the newspaper (Naik, & Peters, 2009). The total cost of advertising is mainly calculated in relation to the size of the space taken by the advertisement.
Word of mouth is one of the cheapest methods of offline advertising. It is a compelling and natural method of advertising. Word of mouth brings a good experience on the customer. The customers can also promote the products of a given company by informing other potential customers based on their experience (Naik, & Peters, 2009). Their customers become good ambassadors in promoting the products. Many businesses get customer referrals as a result of word of mouth. This method is considered to be one of the smartest ways of promoting products.
Events and trade shows are important in the general growth of the business. The owners of the businesses appear physically in the events and speak about their products. Physical appearance is important because it promotes customers engagements. Businesses that operate locally are encouraged to advertise their products in networking events and other groups of people (Naik, & Peters, 2009). It enhances the sharing of ideas during the process of interaction.
Radio advertisements are another method of offline advertising. According to Naik, and Peters (2009), recorded and live adverts are relayed through radio with the aim of reaching large masses of people. This method is preferred by many advertisers because it makes it possible to reach a huge audience at lower costs than any other methods.
Online Marketing Methods
Different methods are used in online marketing. This includes social networks, social news, email marketing, and SMS marketing. A large number of businesses use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach a larger number of customers. According to Wiesberg (2017), social networks and SMS are proven to be the cheapest methods of advertising. Consequently many businesses especially small businesses are using social networks. Email marketing is another method of online marketing that is considered one of the oldest methods of online marketing. Email marketing is mainly through the campaign monitor.
Integration of methods Marketing Methods
It is important for businesses to integrate both categories of marketing methods by educating their employees and sales teams on the use of both online and offline marketing methods. To ensure maximum performance of the products, businesses should invest in both online and offline methods

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