Outcomes and Sustainable Change

Outcomes and Sustainable Change
Assessment Description
DQ 1
Reflect on the “IHI Module PFC 102: Key Dimensions of Patient and Family Centered Care” module. Explain how the four dimensions of patient- and family-centered care are applied or can be applied within your organization. How does your organization collaborate with patients and families to redesign care?

The four dimensions of patient- and family-centered care are: respect and dignity, information sharing, participation, and collaboration. In my organization, we aim to apply these dimensions by:

Respecting and dignity: Providing a welcoming and inclusive environment, listening to patients and their families, and valuing their diverse experiences and perspectives.

Information sharing: Providing patients and their families with clear and concise information about their health conditions, treatments, and care options, and engaging them in shared decision making.

Participation: Inviting patients and families to be active participants in their care, seeking their input and feedback, and empowering them to make informed decisions.

Collaboration: Working closely with patients and families to redesign care processes and practices, including involving them in continuous quality improvement initiatives.

Our organization collaborates with patients and families through various methods such as regular surveys, focus groups, and patient and family advisory councils. We also engage them in co-designing care processes and use their feedback to continuously improve the quality of care.

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