Plagiarism Checkers; turnitin, copyscape, safeassign, plagiarismsearch etc

One of the major things that students should keep in mind when working on their academic work is that they are supposed to submit work that is plagiarism free. One of the best ways of making sure that you submit work does not contain traces of plagiarism is by using plagiarism checkers. Usually such checkers compiles a similarity index and highlights those parts of students’ work that contain plagiarism. There are a number of online plagiarism checkers that you can use to check plagiarism in your work as highlighted below.

  • This program checks inappropriate copying as well as citation mistakes. Notably, this program has a wide database of materials that it compares to your work. It then compiles a similarity index and also highlights parts of your work that seems to be directly copied from another source. The good thing about this software is that it even indicates the specific source where the given highlighted information has been copied. It is therefore no doubt that turnitin is an effective online plagiarism checker.
  • This program checks whether your work is duplicate. It therefore judges whether or not your work is original. One of the weaknesses of this program is that it is unable to detect the common phrases. This therefore means that your work might be flagged as being plagiarized if it contains too many commonly used phrases. This useful plagiarism checker also provides one with a link of the content that matches yours.
  • This is yet another tool that is used to check for plagiarism. This plagiarism deterrent tool identifies overlap between the submitted paper and those that are in its database. This Plagiarism tool checker also helps students in understanding not only how to paraphrase but also how to cite the paraphrased information.
  • This is yet another plagiarism detection tool. This program operates by comparing the submitted work to the one found online in different pages. It is relatively quite fast in generating a plagiarism report. It also highlights the phrases of the submitted work that contains plagiarism.

It is good to note that you should not rely entirely on online plagiarism detection tools to determine if your work is original or not. You are supposed to carefully go through your work manually to determine whether all the ideas used in your paper are originally yours or belong to other scholars. Those that have been derived from other sources must be properly cited.

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