Week 1 DQ Help
What advantages do traditional media have over emerging media and vice versa? What are the shortcomings of each type of media?

If you are a reporter with access to all forms of media distribution, which do you choose first to tell a story? Why? Explain how you might have answered this question differently 20 years ago.
Where do you get your news? What role does network news play in the news you receive?
Who are the new gate keepers? Any old ones still around? Who are the more popular new ones?
What news stories have been consistently covered by mass media outlets? Has this agenda-setting been followed by larger social media news sources?
Do you notice postings and discussion of the same news items on your social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter? What is at least one example of a news event, or an alternative that you discovered on social media?

What are the largest circulating newspapers in the U.S. today? Who owns them? Who owns network television? What else do they own?
How has the Internet become a tool of democracy?

What would result from the old-style type of gatekeeper having that same type of control over the Internet?

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