Policy Brief Part II

Write a 6-8-page paper in which you address the following for your issue resolutions:
• Global factors associated with each resolution
• Final recommendation
• Implementation plan (should the policy be adopted)
• Communication strategy
• Media outlet(s)
• Central message
• Target audience
• Audience
• Supporting organizations
• Information dissemination process
• Evaluation plan
• Definition of outcomes
• Plan to evaluate outcomes
• Quantitative or qualitative approach
• Program sustainability approach
• Monitor cost
• Meeting accreditation standards
• Ethical conflict
• Reporting results

Policy Brief Part II

Content: 13 points possible Points possible Points earned Comments
Resolutions are supported through an analysis of at least one legal case 2
Global factors included have an explained association to each resolution (if any) 2
Final recommendation is clearly stated and is supportive of at least one resolution or a combination of resolutions 2
Implementation plan illustrates the communication strategy and dissemination process 2
Evaluation plan must clearly outline an approach to evaluate defined outcomes, associated cost, consideration of regulatory or accreditation standards 2
Evaluation plan must present an approach to address ethical conflict (if any) and frequency of dissemination of results 3

Format: 2 points possible Points possible Points earned Comments
Follows a communication plan structure that is clear, concise, and easy to follow 1
Cites and references sources using APA guidelines 1

Points earned/possible

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