Discussion Directions
Post a brief statement of your proposed EB practice change, be sure to address how you will implement your EBP project considering, 1) Understanding the differences, 2) Considering your resources, 3) Establish your patient-centered goals, and 4) Identify institutional preferences and how you will address this issue.

Post your initial post by Wednesday, 1159.
Respond to at least 2 of your colleagues/classmates’ posts by Saturday, 1159.


Proposed EBP Practice Change: Implementing hourly rounding to improve patient safety and satisfaction in a hospital setting.

Understanding the differences: The implementation of hourly rounding will require changes in the workflow and the roles of healthcare providers. It is essential to understand the differences in the current workflow and how the implementation of hourly rounding will impact the delivery of care.

Considering your resources: The implementation of hourly rounding will require additional resources such as staffing, training, and equipment. It is essential to consider the availability of these resources and how they will be allocated to ensure a successful implementation.

Establish patient-centered goals: The goal of hourly rounding is to improve patient safety and satisfaction. The implementation team should establish patient-centered goals such as reducing falls, improving pain management, and increasing patient satisfaction scores.

Identify institutional preferences and address the issue: It is essential to identify any institutional preferences or barriers to the implementation of hourly rounding. The implementation team should work with hospital administrators and staff to address any concerns or preferences and ensure the successful implementation of hourly rounding.

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