PPMP 20010:
Executing and Closing Projects
Assessment 3 – 40 marks
Critical Analysis Report – 30 marks
Presentation – 10 marks
Minimum pass marks – 20 (50%)
Critical Analysis Report
• The primary purpose of this assessment is to
help you to develop and demonstrate your skills
in the use of project management concepts,
principles, theories and arguments about the
project management execution phase.
• Demonstrate your understanding of the real
application of Control Systems.
• Analyse and argue what type of Control Systems
will enable better or worse project outcomes.
Critical Analysis Report
• Assessment 3 is due in Week 12 but you need
to get started earlier on this assessment as it
is worth 40%.
• Research and choose a real-life failed project
or a project which failed to meet the deadline,
exceeded the allocated budget etc.
• Ideally, you should have worked on the failed
project or someone you know may have
worked otherwise google through for it from
the industry of your interest.
Critical Analysis Report
• Discuss and finalise the failed project name with
your tutor.
• Assessment 3 (report + presentation) is a group
work for on-campus students and individual for
Distance students.
• Form your group (maximum of 3 students).
• Email the project name and your group
members names to your tutor by end of week 4.
Critical Analysis Report
• Understand the project context, issues and
control systems applied during the execution
• Find out the causes of its failures and analyse
the control systems applied.
• Critically evaluate the effectiveness of applied
control systems and stakeholder’s
• Make recommendations for how its failure
could have been avoided.
Critical Analysis Report includes
• Snapshot of the project you have chosen.
• Introduction to the project you have chosen.
• Major reasons for the failure of the project.
• Control Systems: explanation of the range of control
systems used for cost, schedule, scope and quality.
• Analysis of the reasons for cost and/or time
• Analysis of the extent to which the project execution
team could be held responsible of the incurred time
and/or cost overruns.
Critical Analysis Report includes
• Analysis of the relationship between the problems
you identified in cost and/or time overruns and the
stakeholders’ needs and influence.
• Analysis of the project management actions that
could have been taken to better control the project
and stakeholders in order to increase the chance for
successful delivery.
• Conclusion which identifies the key lessons that
project management can learn from the experience
of the project.
• Report should be of 4000 +- 5% words (excluding
references and appendices).
Presentation on Critical Analysis Report
• Presentation is worth 10% marks.
• Presentations will be held in Week 12 during
the tutorial for on-campus students and via
Zoom for Distance students.
• Presentation should follow a similar structure
as per your critical analysis report
• Report and presentation files must be
submitted together in Moodle in Week 12
• Refer to the Unit Profile in Moodle for further
Marking Criteria – Written Report
• Project snapshot (2%)
• Introduction (5%)
• Major Issues (8%)
• Control Systems (15%)
• Analysis of cost and/or schedule overruns (10%)
• Analysis of the project execution team (10%)
• Analysis of relationship between overruns and the
stakeholders (10%)
• Analysis of possible actions for success (10%)
• Conclusion (10%)
• Appropriate, well structured, concise and clear understanding
of project management arguments (10%)
• Clarity of expression, language, format, references and
presentation of the written report (10%)
Marking Criteria – Presentation
• Preparation and consistency of presentation
• Set up and use of visual aids, including power
point slides (10%)
• Presentation content is relevant to the topic
• Content is clear, concise and relevant (20%)
• Response to Questions during Q&A (10%)
• Content is explained well (20%)
• Presentation manner (5%)
• Timing including Q&A (5%)

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