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Consider the problem you discussed this week- Workplace Prejudice Intervention —draft a conflict resolution strategy to resolve the issue and prevent it in the future.

Draft a proposal for leadership and management that communicates the following:

Summary of the problem
Consequences of the problem
Intervention plan
Include goals and objectives
Anticipated outcomes
Plan to sustain the resolution.
Format your assignment as one of the following:

10- to 15-slide presentation
The slides should only contain essential information and as little text as possible. Do not design a slide presentation made up of long bullet points. Your speaker notes convey the details you would give if you were presenting.
Add speaker notes
5- to 7-page
Include citations and a reference page or slide following APA guidelines.

Conflict Resolution Strategy for Workplace Prejudice Intervention

Title: Promoting Inclusivity and Equality: Resolving Workplace Prejudice

Slide 1:

Title: Promoting Inclusivity and Equality: Resolving Workplace Prejudice
Introduction to the conflict resolution strategy
Slide 2:

Summary of the problem:
Workplace prejudice and discrimination
Negative impact on employees and organizational culture
Slide 3:

Consequences of the problem:
Decreased employee morale and job satisfaction
Increased employee turnover and absenteeism
Legal and reputational risks for the organization
Slide 4:

Intervention Plan:
Education and Awareness:
Conduct diversity and inclusion training programs
Raise awareness about unconscious bias and stereotypes
Policy and Procedure Review:
Assess and update existing policies to address prejudice
Establish clear reporting mechanisms for incidents
Leadership Commitment:
Set a strong example by demonstrating inclusive behaviors
Hold leaders accountable for promoting equality
Slide 5:

Goals and Objectives:
Goal 1: Create a more inclusive and respectful work environment
Objective 1.1: Reduce incidents of workplace prejudice by 50% within six months
Objective 1.2: Increase employee satisfaction and engagement by 20% within one year
Slide 6:

Anticipated Outcomes:
Improved employee morale and job satisfaction
Increased diversity and inclusion awareness
Reduced instances of workplace prejudice
Enhanced organizational reputation
Slide 7:

Plan to Sustain the Resolution:
Continuous Training and Development:
Provide ongoing diversity and inclusion training programs
Incorporate prejudice prevention in leadership development
Regular Evaluation and Monitoring:
Conduct surveys and assessments to measure progress
Monitor reported incidents and response effectiveness
Celebrating Diversity:
Recognize and celebrate diversity through inclusive events and initiatives
Slide 8:

Plan to Sustain the Resolution (contd.):
Employee Resource Groups (ERGs):
Establish ERGs to promote diversity and inclusion
Encourage participation and engagement in ERGs
Transparent Communication:
Communicate the progress made in addressing workplace prejudice
Share success stories and best practices
Slide 9:

Summary of the conflict resolution strategy
Reinforcement of the importance of promoting inclusivity and equality
Slide 10:

List of cited sources following APA guidelines
Speaker Notes:

Provide detailed explanations and additional information to support the content on each slide.
Cite the sources used within the speaker notes and on the reference slide.

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