You must submit written responses to following the questions: Provide three examples of radical innovation and three examples of evolutionary innovation in an industry with which you are familiar. The following four questions relate to Case II-1, Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line: Prospects in 1997, beginning on page 157. In 1997, what was the structure of the ADSL industry? How has it evolved? Was ADSL potentially a technological winner? Why/Why not? In 1997, how well has ADSL penetrated the telecommunications market? Why? Beyond 1997, on what will the further success of ADSL depend? What can the various ADSL vendors do to enhance the success of the technology? Your reading assignment included mention of John Tilton’s study of developments in the semiconductor industry from 1950 through 1968. What were the major findings of this investigation? Do you think these findings are relevant only to the semiconductor industry or can they be applied to other industries? Explain. It is advisable, at the managerial level, to apply S-Curve models for planning component technology development. Explain why or why not.

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