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Design a study method for obesity:**The purpose of my study is to address the prevalence of childhood obesity on account of race/ethnicity**** We are trying to see how the neighborhoods of ethnic groups(blacks in particular) make children more susceptible to obesity than children who live in more affluent neighborhoods **Write up a methods section, data collection section, and measurement of variables section.**This should be written in future tense since we are just designing the study !!!****PLEASE DO NOT COPY & PASTE, THIS SHOULD BE ORIGINAL**The sections should address the following:Methods Section: a) design b) sampling Data Collection Section: a) How will the data be obtained ? b) Will it be confidential or anonymous? c) Who is going to collect data (i.e, nurses ,etc) c) Survey, etc? d) How will it be analyzed ?Measurement of variables: a) Demographics (age,sex, race) *In my case, the participants should be age 18>, both male and female, and should be African American*!! PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED LITERATURE REVIEW I WROTE UP IN ADDITION TO AN EXAMPLE STUDY METHOD AS A GUIDE AND FOUNDATION FOR THE STUDY DESIGN (DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE SECTIONS THAT FOLLOW “Measurement of Dependent Variable”)!!

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