The following is my capstone research topic:
Raising awareness on the postoperative pulmonary complications associated with the use of general anesthesia and the importance of incentive spirometer adherence can further reduce pulmonary complications amongst postoperative patients during their surgical recovery. In order to target this dilemma, it is important to first start by assessing nurses’ knowledge and competency on the appropriate technique and adherence to utilizing incentive spirometer devices. Targeting and increasing the awareness of implementing proper use of incentive spirometers amongst post-operative patients, can reduce pulmonary complications, the use of artificial airway ventilation, as well as pharmacological interventions.
The purpose of this selected topic is to evaluate research on post operative patients who undergo general anesthesia (Population) and examine the effectiveness of utilizing incentive spirometer therapy, (Intervention) compared to those patients who do not implement treatment (Compared) in preventing postoperative pulmonary complications (Outcome) over the course of surgical recovery period (Time).
Great! It seems like you have a clear and focused research topic. To further refine your PICOT question, you may want to consider adding specific criteria for your population, intervention, comparison, outcome, and time. For example:
Population: Adult patients (age 18 and above) who undergo general anesthesia for elective surgery
Intervention: Utilizing incentive spirometer therapy as part of postoperative care
Comparison: Standard postoperative care without incentive spirometer therapy
Outcome: Reduction in postoperative pulmonary complications, such as atelectasis, pneumonia, and respiratory failure
Time: Within the first 72 hours post-surgery
write my research paper owl essayservice uk writings. adding specific criteria, you can ensure that your research question is more focused and targeted, which can help guide your literature review and data analysis. Good luck with your capstone research!

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