1. Read Schoon, Porta, & Schaffer (2019) Assignment Homework Sample Boom Essays: Free of Plagiarism and AI, Original Custom Research Essay Pro Papers Writing – Chapter 8

2. Identify an interdisciplinary team [or collaborative meeting] in your community that addresses a
public health need in your community (i.e. smoking, alcohol, obesity, wellness, homeless, domestic
violence, youth/senior issue, etc.). Please note that this interdisciplinary/collaborative meeting
should NOT be a patient specific (case management, discharge planning, etc.) meeting in a
healthcare setting (i.e. hospital, clinic).
An example of an interdisciplinary team addressing a public health need in a community could be the “Community Obesity Task Force.” This team could consist of members from various disciplines such as healthcare professionals, public health officials, educators, social workers, and representatives from local businesses and government agencies. The task force would work together to address the issue of obesity in the community through various initiatives and programs, such as promoting physical activity, healthy eating habits, and access to nutritious food options. The team would regularly meet to assess progress, share information and resources, and develop new strategies for addressing the issue of obesity in the community.

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