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Biblical and Cultural Views of Singleness

What are the biblical and cultural views of singleness? Do our churches take care of singles? Consider different age groups of singles. What are some premarital questions we should consider? Why do people invest in bad relationships and who suffers the consequences? From Chapter 4 of Boundaries in Marriage, what do the authors mean by […]

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The Nature and Role of Humanity: Insights from the History of Prophet Adam

Write an essay of 2,500 words, responding to one of the following: “E ; 1. Describe and analyse the nature and role of humanity based on the history of Prophet Adam as revealed in. the Qur’an and hadith literature. 2. Outline and analyse the main differences between the mission of Prophet Abraham and the mission […]

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Touch As A Healing Ministry

Touch As A Healing Ministry A term paper on the above topic. The Healing Power of Touch: A Ministry of Restoration Abstract: This article explores the profound impact of touch as a healing ministry. Drawing from scholarly and peer-reviewed sources between 2016 and 2023, we delve into the physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of touch […]

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Is Faith greater than universal ethics ?

Is Faith greater than universal ethics ? How does it tie in with your experiences, other readings, and expectations ? Do you have any questions ? Do you agree/disagree with the author, and on what basis ? What impressed you ? what impressed you/annoyed you about the reading > How does it fit in with […]

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Religion and violence: the impact of religion on revolutions and wars

Religion and violence: the impact of religion on revolutions and wars Religion has been a significant force throughout human history and has often been linked to violence, revolutions, and wars. The relationship between religion and violence is a complex and multi-dimensional issue, and it has been the subject of debate among scholars of religion, theology, […]

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The role of magic and illusions in religion

The role of magic and illusions in religion Religion and magic are often seen as separate entities, with religion being based on faith and magic being based on the use of supernatural powers. However, there is a significant overlap between these two domains. Magic has played a crucial role in the development and practice of […]

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The concept of God in different religions

The concept of God has been a fundamental topic in religious studies for centuries, with different religions having different ideas about God. This paper aims to explore the concept of God in different religions, including the Abrahamic religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. The paper will analyze the similarities and differences between these religions concerning the […]

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