Assessment 2
Weight: 30%
Type of Collaboration: Both (Individual & Group)
Due: Week 14 (6 June, 2019)
Submission: Online via vUWS
Format: A formal written report to be submitted online via Turnitin and an oral
presentation in
the class. Students are required to form groups of 4 to 5 students per group. The full
report will be evaluated as group work (15 marks) and the presentation will be
as individual work (15 marks).
Length: 3000 words
Curriculum Mode: Report
Resources: vUWS materials, scholarly published materials (journal papers and
textbooks), case studies, interviews, and/or observations
from real projects.
Marking Criteria:
Report evaluation (15 marks) – The report will be evaluated as a group work using
the criteria included in vUWS.
Presentation (15 marks) – The oral presentation will be evaluated as individual work
for each group member using
the following criteria:
a. Presentation clarity and content (40%)
b. Confidence and fluency (40%)
c. Audio-visual aids (20%)
Report Brief
Groups will create a unique project with quality as a critical factor. They will present
the project goals, aims, objectives, process and end product. Each will be defined in
terms of quality such as exceeding a specification that lists requirements of useful
life, preciseness and meeting customer expectations
Develop a quality management structure and mapping for project of your creation.
Youare required to create a project(from any relevant industry) bearing in mind you
would be in a position to have reasonable knowledge. This project should be
reasonable in terms of size and complexity so your group can exhibit their knowledge
of quality. You should be in a position to clearly understand the project and access
to information including but not limited to the Work Breakdown Structure and project
main activities. You are required to develop a schedule baseline for the project using
one of the following approaches (choose one only):
This assignment should demonstrate your understanding of quality principles and its
application in projects and is written in a wayto showcase the use of QMStools and
techniques forpreparing project quality plan
– Full report in a single PDF file to be submitted via Turnitin.
– The report should include the developed QMS Plan and other requirements
stated above.
– The contributions of each individual orindividuals should be marked clearly in the
report forevaluation purpose.
More details and explanation of the report will be discussed in the class.

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