Research Methods; Emergency preparedness

Research Methods; Emergency preparedness
Topic 1; Disaster Preparedness
Research Question
Does an emergency preparedness program play a role in safeguarding the security of health institutions?
Thesis Statement
The study investigates the role of implementing a disaster preparedness program in safeguarding the security of health institutions.
Topic 2; Vulnerable Populations to Cases of Disaster
Research question
Are individuals with disabilities more vulnerable to disaster incidences?
Thesis statement
The study investigates whether the integration of the needs of disabled persons into an emergency response plan is crucial in addressing the access and functional needs of the incapacitated in cases of disaster.
Topic 3; The Role of Recovery Plans in Disaster Management
Research question
Is the implementation of a disaster recovery plan effective in restoring the operations of health institutions?
Thesis statement
The paper investigates the role of a disaster recovery plan in managing site disasters.
Sample of a Primary Source
World Bank Resilience M&E. (2017).
Primary sources of data such as World Bank Resilience M&E. (2017) are useful in providing real data originally conducted by other researchers. These studies are useful in enhancing research validity and reliability towards forming the opinion of the research findings. For instance, the study on integrating the needs of disabled persons into an emergency response plan can rely on the information provided by Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) Secretarial in World Bank Resilience M&E. (2017) towards arriving at the opinion of the research’s findings. Primary sources are, therefore, useful in obtaining original data as investigated by first time scholars.
Sample of a Secondary Source
Marshall, J., Wiltshire, J., Delva, J., Bello, T., & Masys, A. J. (2020). Natural and manmade disasters: vulnerable populations. In Global Health Security (pp. 143-161). Springer, Cham.
Secondary sources of information such as Marshall et al (2020) provide additional information on a research thereby building on primary data. These studies are useful in further investigating the data presented by the primary data source. For instance, when writing secondary articles such as the study of Marshall et al (2020), World Bank Resilience M&E (2017), a primary source of information may be used to investigate the influences of natural and manmade disasters in increasing the human vulnerability to social, economic and psychological problems. These studies, therefore, provide more information to build on primary sources of data.
Sample of a Tertiary Source
Toner, E. (2017). Healthcare Preparedness: Saving Lives. Health security.
Tertiary sources such as Toner (2017) are reviews of other primary or secondary sources of information useful in gaining an insight into the original version of a study. They, therefore, facilitate the ease of borrowing the information of the original version of a study when writing research papers. For instance, the information of Toner (2017) can be used to summarize the research relating to the role of implementing disaster preparedness programs in safeguarding the security of health institutions. The tertiary source is, therefore, crucial in facilitating easy access of the information during knowledge investigation.

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