Sample university statement of purpose

Sample university statement of purpose:

Dealing with sick parents has been a challenging experience for me. It all started with my father’s addiction to alcohol, which left my mother feeling helpless and depressed. In order to lead fulfilling lives, my parents require constant psychiatric guidance. Given the opportunity to acquire skills in mental counseling, I believe I can assist them. Therefore, I am applying to a graduate program that emphasizes primary care for both the old and the young, with the goal of helping my father overcome his addiction predicament and aiding a large number of people.

As a senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Forensic Science at Loyola University New Orleans, I have gained valuable skills in helping people overcome their differences. I have also continued to learn about psychology through my coursework and field experiences. In fact, I am currently working at a Center for Autism as a behavior therapist, specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

My family’s history with alcoholism has fueled my desire to help not only my family but also others dealing with addiction. Therefore, I am applying for admission to the mental health program at Carlos Albizu University. I am drawn to your university’s knowledgeable professors in mental health, and I believe my qualities and inherent desire to help others recover from addiction and change their behavior make me an ideal candidate for your program.

My fieldwork experience in counseling and working with depressed people has prepared me well for graduate-level studies in mental health counseling. I am passionate about helping others and eager to learn more about professional counseling. I am confident that my skills and experience will make a valuable contribution to the Carlos Albizu University counseling program, and I am excited to pursue this career path.

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