Search Engine Optimization
Internet Data Analysis for Business

Internet Data Analysis for Business
Website sitemap improves the search rankings of a given website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is developed by considering the search rankings. The rankings are developed using the extinction sitemap.xml. It is important to specify the title and the description of pages which are commonly used on the websites for the purpose of better ranking and ensuring that the website is accessed by the targeted audience (Search Engine Watch, 2016). Therefore to improve the search ranking, the software should automatically generate the titles and the titles should be reviewed. The criteria of the title are considered such that it should not be too long and the title should correspond to the company’s name. The site map allows the change of frequency by indicating the interval of time the page is changed; it can be hourly, weekly monthly among others. On the other hand, the sitemap allows one to give priority in each page. The priority is used to highlight important pages that are supposed to be investigated. The priority is ranked on a scale of 1 to 10. The sitemap is used to display the last update (Blue Corona, 2019). The last update is displayed in the attribute of the sitemap. Therefore the sitemap is important in improving the search rankings.
Meta tags are used for the purpose of describing the content of the page. The Meta tags normally appear in the code of the page but not on the page. The Meta tags are used in describing the web content is about. The content of the web is used in ensuring a quick display of the results. The Meta tags are available in HTML format which is located on the head of the page and are only recognized by the search engines. It describes the data about data in a running database. Meta Tags are important in providing information about the data to the search engine optimization. Meta tags are described using the attributes, title, description attribute and the robots attribute (Sharma, 2018). Therefore, Meta tags are used in Search Engine Marketing.
The title tag is one of the most important tags that are used in increasing the ranking; the search engine should establish the content of the page and the description of the site. Header tags are easily included in the website; the headings and subheading are used in organizing the network. Image alt tags are used in displaying the images by writing the content of the word at the same time neglecting the image. Other tags include the Nofollow link tags, link and anchor tags and Canonical tags.
The keywords include computer, price, business, and plan. The key words are used dominantly during the search on the web and therefore they are the keywords of the proposed website.
Data, analytics business; customers, technology; strategic, budget; analytics track; portal, database, data mining, entry, what is data, data set, public data, the definition of data and data, smart goals, goals, motivation.
The website statement is ‘Your real computing partner smart televisions’
Smart computers
Home. Florida Minnesota. Illinois
www.smartcomputers .com
Cheapest laptops
Welcome to the website where you can get a cheap computer
Topvisor was used to track the keywords

The results were displayed using my website and that of the competitors in different states which include Los Angeles, Minnesota among others. During the process, different key words are generated by considering the initial value.
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