Personal Values Paper: This is a 3-5 page paper that reflects on your personal values and how they have been shaped (or are being shaped) by religious beliefs, culture, personality, and professional or life experience. This paper should speak to the values that you hold and shape how you live. The goal is to thoughtfully consider them so that you are aware of how they inform your perspective in making ethical decisions. Your personal values will not be graded. Your grade will be based on your ability to reflect on and demonstrate awareness of your values and the people and events that shaped them.

In writing your Personal Values Paper, consider the questions posed below. Your reflection should respond to, but is not limited to these questions. Headings are to be utilized for clarity.

Personal Values What are characteristics that I was taught as a child that are important to me? Respect the people who are older than you. Respect your parents. Be polite. Be strong. Always be on time. Be kind with others but always take your rights. Try hard and never give up; you can achieve whatever you want.(add what ever you want)
What are some of the characteristics of my personality that inform the way I look at things? Examples: hard working, resourceful, timeliness, goal-oriented, relational, physical, reflective, role in family, etc. My characteristics cause me to be loyal and Honest in my relationships. Be respectful to my family and be responsible and caring regarding them. Be an obedient person, I like to follow the rules and instructions. To not get angry easily. (add whatever you want)

Religious Beliefs What is my faith tradition and how has it informed my values? Do I accept everything that my faith tradition says or do I differ on some subjects? Why? If I am not part of a formal faith tradition, what are my beliefs about what human beings are meant to do and be in life? What gives me direction in life? How do I understand how I should relate to others, the earth, and nature?
I was born and raised as a Muslim. And I do not accept some parts that my faith tradition says. In Islam, women should cover their hair to protect themselves from men. Or women shouldn’t sing or dance in front of men who are not mahram to them. (you can add detail to it) and please write about my belief about what human beings are meant to do and be in life (to seek happiness and meaning in life or self-improvement and growth)
Cultural Values How has my unique culture affected the things I value or don’t value? How does my culture look at the roles of family members in decision making and authority? What does quality of life mean for my culture? What are some of the values held tightly and taught in my culture? Examples may include independence, dependence, communication, male/female roles, etc. If you are an immigrant, how have your values changed since living in the U.S?
Write it base on Islam and Iranian culture. (and my values didn’t change yet)
Individual Experiences What outside or environmental experiences or mentors have you had that have contributed to your values? Consider past teachers, pastors, friends, living environments, specific events in your life, etc.
Professional Values What nursing values do you already highly value? Which are less desirable? How do you see your values applying to your nursing role? How do you understand your ethical responsibility as a professional nurse?

Title: Shaping Personal Values: Influences and Reflections

Personal values serve as guiding principles that shape our perspectives, decisions, and actions. They are often influenced by a combination of factors, including religious beliefs, culture, personality traits, and life experiences. This paper aims to explore my personal values and examine the influences that have shaped them, as well as their application in ethical decision-making. write my research paper owl essayservice uk writings. reflecting on these values, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of how they inform my perspective and guide my actions in both personal and professional Write a page paper – Do my Assignment Help Australia: No.1 Assignment Writing Services.

Personal Values:
As a child, I was taught various characteristics that have become important values to me. These include respecting those who are older, showing respect to my parents, practicing politeness, fostering strength and resilience, being punctual, and balancing kindness towards others with the assertion of my rights. Additionally, I was instilled with the belief that hard work and perseverance can lead to the achievement of any goal.

Personality Traits:
Several personality traits inform the way I perceive and approach life. Loyalty and honesty are paramount in my relationships, while respecting and caring for my family are central values. I have a strong inclination towards obedience, as I find comfort in following rules and instructions. Furthermore, I strive to maintain a calm demeanor and avoid becoming easily angered.

Religious Beliefs:
Being born and raised as a Muslim, my faith tradition has played a significant role in shaping my values. Islam teaches the importance of modesty, which includes the covering of women’s hair to ensure their protection. However, I hold differing views on certain aspects of my faith tradition. For instance, I question the notion that women should not sing or dance in front of men who are not their mahram (close relatives).

In terms of what I believe human beings are meant to do and be in life, I am drawn to the pursuit of happiness, meaning, self-improvement, and growth. I find value in seeking personal fulfillment while making positive contributions to society.

Cultural Values:
My Iranian culture has also influenced my values. It places a strong emphasis on family ties and the roles of family members in decision-making and authority. Independence and dependence are viewed in a balanced manner, recognizing the importance of individual autonomy while valuing collective responsibility and support. Communication is highly valued, and distinct male and female roles are still prevalent in certain aspects of society.

Individual Experiences:
Several external experiences and mentors have contributed to the formation of my values. Past teachers, religious leaders, friends, and specific life events have all played a role in shaping my perspective. These influences have provided me with diverse perspectives, strengthened my empathy, and deepened my understanding of the world around me.

Professional Values:
In my nursing profession, certain values hold great importance. Compassion, integrity, and respect for the autonomy and dignity of each individual are highly valued. These values align with my personal beliefs, as I believe in providing holistic care that addresses both physical and emotional well-being. I see my values as vital in promoting patient-centered care, advocating for vulnerable populations, and upholding ethical standards in my nursing role.

Ethical Responsibility as a Professional Nurse:
As a professional nurse, I recognize the ethical responsibility I bear. It involves respecting the autonomy and choices of patients, ensuring confidentiality, maintaining professional boundaries, and delivering care without discrimination. I strive to balance my personal values with the diverse perspectives and needs of my patients, while always acting in their best interests.

In this reflective paper, I have explored the characteristics, influences, and experiences that have shaped my personal values. From childhood teachings to religious beliefs, cultural norms, and individual experiences, each factor has contributed to the values I hold dear. Understanding these values and the sources from which they originate empowers me to make ethical decisions that align with my core

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