Animal Rights and this is my question

Should we be vegetarian?

All papers should be double spaced, between 600-750 words, and submitted as a doc or docx file. Include your name and a brief title at the top of page one, and your last name as a header or footer on every page. Include a bibliography or references section.

A title of the form “A x theory on the subject of y .”, where x is replaced with a moral theory that we studied in the first half of the course, and y is replaced with a moral problem that we studied in the second half of the course.
The purpose of the essay is to bridge some moral theory that we studied in the first part of the course, with a contemporary moral problem that we studied in the second part of the course. Ask on the discussion board if you’re unsure about what this means.

A short introductory paragraph, with a clear thesis statement (e.g., I shall argue that Regan’s argument is incorrect … because …). Your thesis should almost always be the last sentence of your introductory paragraph.

A short, charitable reconstruction of the argument as presented by the philosopher that we read in class (you may, but need not, use standard premise / conclusion form).

An brief explanation, in your own words, of the positions that you’re describing (such as the Categorical Imperative, Justice as Fairness, Singer’s Famine Relief, etc).

A suitable concluding paragraph.

At least two sources, and at least as many non-internet sources as internet sources (Read that sentence again to be sure you understand it).

No direct quotations. It is not necessary to directly quote any author. When it is important to do so, simply explain the position which he/she is defending. It is, however, necessary to cite all authors whose ideas you reference. Thus, if you begin a sentence with, e.g., “According to Plato…”, you should end that sentence with a citation. Essays that include “direct quotations” will not receive a grade higher than a D. (Read that sentence again, too, to be sure you understand it).

A clear and complete bibliography

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