Social Media: Are we Closer or Further Apart

Points: 100
Length- 2-3 pages

Our final project (yay) will be an investigation into social media uses and impacts on human communication. It will occur in two phases. This will be individual project involving interviews, research, and will produce a paper at the end.

Phase 1- You will come up with 4-6 questions about social media to get a sense of how it is being used. You will interview 6 college students from a variety of demographics using your questions. Questions can be simple- Do you use social media? What features of snapchat do you like? How do you personally use Twitter?
Basically you are investigating any aspect of social media you feel is worthy of analysis. (interpersonal relationships, bullying, campaigning, etc.) Also, you can focus on one particular social media site- but are not required to.

Phase 2- After conducting your interviews you will put together your findings along with a bit of outside research into a summarizing analysis. I would like the analysis to include several sections;

1. Open with explaining the area/s of social media you have investigated
2. List the interview questions you used
3. Explain the population that you interviewed
4. Explain what your research discovered
5. Conclude with personal thoughts on the impacts of this technology on Human Communication as we have defined it in this course.
5. Bibliography

We will share our findings during the last day of class on 4/30

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