This is a paper Focusing on the impacts of social media. Please mention some social-psychological topic or process. Only base the analysis on multiple social-psychological factors (many of which can be found in the self, persuasion, conformity, compliance-gaining, group polarization, confirmation bias, and other bias, etc.) Application paper. Your task in this paper is to take a social-psychological topic, find an instance of it in the everyday world, and interpret and discuss it from a social-psychological perspective. The “instance” can involve any one of a number of possible events, settings, processes, or series of events you have encountered. It can be a personal experience (e.g., a work or interpersonal situation; a relationship). Or it can be a social (e.g., college clubs or fraternities/sororities, athletic teams), political (e.g., the presidential or some other election or campaign), business (advertising methods, management styles), or cultural (e.g., effects of social media, mass media or music) process or phenomenon. The topic you choose should be discussed in terms of principles, concepts, and findings that are covered in this course. The goal of the paper should be to reach a social-psychological understanding of something from “real life.

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