SOWK 542 -Spring 24
1. Self-Identity paper. (Evaluation form page 14)
Write a mid-term paper (no less than seven and no more than 12 pages) in which you will discuss your Racial Identity Development (RID) or White Racial Identity Development (WRID). For either RID or WRID, use the “models” that will be presented in class. The “models” are for 1. White, 2. African American, 3. American Indian, 4. Asian, 5. Latino, 6. Biracial/Multiracial individuals. You are expected to cite at least four sources that you used in helping you define and understand your racial identity development. You can use the bibliography information attached to the course syllabus.

This is a challenging assignment since one’s identity is a complex issue and may involve a combination of several “identities” such as White female Lesbian Feminist, Black female Lesbian, Gay African American male, biracial or multiracial heritage adoptee, etc. I expect you to describe as many identities as you see fit with a focus on your racial identity. These may present personal complexities you may or may not have dealt with objectively. These models are intended to help you identify and look at them with the concepts and language of contemporary RID and WRID self-definition. The exercise aims to understand where and/or how you learn your biases and stereotype different oppressed groups. using African American/Ethnicity Ethiopia, write for me identities as you see fit with a focus on the suggested racial identity.

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