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1. What does “Me gusta la clase de ciencias naturales” mean in English? (1 point)I take science class.I like social studies class.I  take social studies.I like science class.2. What is the name of the biggest university system in Honduras? (1 point)Universidad Nacional Autónoma de HondurasUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de TegucigalpaUniversidades en HondurasEscuelas Autónomas de Tegucigalpa3. How would you say, “We need the calculator” in Spanish? (1 point)Necesito la calculadora.Necesitas la calculadora.Necesitamos la calculadora.Necesitan la calculadora.4. What is the main difference between a Puerto Rican graduation ceremony and a U.S. graduation ceremony? (1 point)the type of clothing wornthe types of gueststhe behavior expected from the studentsthe language spoken5. Listen to the following phrase being spoken. What does the phrase mean in English?  (1 point)I have.after classshe hasI talk.6. What does “Tengo una carpeta de argollas.” mean in English? (1 point)I need a three-ring binder.You are talking.I have a three-ring binder.You need a new backpack.7. How do you say “boring” in Spanish? (1 point)difícilaburridofavoritodivertido8. Listen to the following being spoken. What does this mean in English? (1 point)What’s up?Speak up!We are talking.Who is talking?9. Many job options for high school graduates in Honduras are in what field? (1 point)agricultureEnglishengineeringtechnology10. How would you say, “I like art class” in Spanish? (1 point)Tengo la clase de arte.Tú tienes clase de arte y clase de inglés.Me gusta la clase de inglés.Me gusta la clase de arte.

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