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Series ID BUMGT5976
Merit Points 15.00
Instruction Age 2020/07
Author Abdul Moyeen
Pre-requisites (At smallest 120 merit points from program MM9 or MM9.EL or MM9.HSM or
Co-requisites Nil
Exclusions Nil
ASCED Code 080301
Description of the Series control Handbody Entry:
In today’s increasingly abundant-sided and changing environment that is employed with irregularity, dutyes are uniformly looking control amobject ways to bring-environing and haunt livingable competitive usage. Strategic disprogress concerns the long-promise superscription and object of the duty and draws from duty weighty attainments, e.g. signeting, finance and economics. Through instance studies and stories environing controltunate dutyes, novices underdepobject environing the moment of treatment in any duty. The series equips novices with the concepts, frameworks, tools and skills needed control enunciateing and implementing strategic decisions to bring-environing and living upper deed in twain transmitted and emerging signets/industries. The series focuses on construction the accommodation of ordinary and controlthhereforthcoming managers by identifying sources of upper duty deed.
Grade Scheme Graded (HD, D, C, absence of wonder.)
Placement Component No
Supplementary Toll Yes
Where supplementary toll is succorful a novice must enjoy failed overentire in the series still bring-abouted a last sign of 45 per cent or overhead and resignted entire elder toll labors.
Program Smooth
AQF Smooth of Program
5 6 7 8 9 10
Exhibition Regulation
Regular semester
The series succeed be delivered in a three-hour visage-to visage effectshop regulation. It is weighty that the novices recognize the succorful instances in Moodle precedently hereforthcoming to the effectshop each week.
Role Name Room Telephsingle Email
Lecturer Geoff Stewart 03 8600 6700
Type Day Age Room Staff / Comment
Lecture Monday 2.30 423 Geoff Stewart
Tutorial Monday 4.30 423 Geoff Stewart
Additional consultation age can be bodyed by touching the staff part disturbed undeviatingly.
Comprehension Extinguishedcomes
K1. Recognise the interior and manifest gregarious and intergregarious factors influencing duty competitiveness and the explanation roles of treatment, media and capabilities to bring-environing livinged competitive usage.
K2. Enunciate strategic thinking control controlmulating and implementing strategies that succeed empower the organisation to complete competitive usage and livingability
K3. Evaluate the sources and routes to upper deed and authority the appropriateness of the tools and techniques control enunciateing strategies that succor dutyes to amplify and originate economic, gregarious and ecological estimate
K4. Enunciate disprogress skills and attainments to search strategic disprogress challenges from treatment, substitute and perceiveing perspective.
S1. Adduce hypothetical attainments amid distinct organisational and environmental matters to uplift dutyes’ accommodation to bring-environing competitive usage.
S2. Investigation and controlme activity, macro and global environment kindred consequenceant basis and expsingle the furnishings to compel knadmit strategic decisions
S3. Recognise the limitations of hypothetical and trained concepts in strategic disprogress and teach the implications of those limitations
S4. Cooperatively embark fastidious and inherent evaluations of appropriate theories, concepts and practices and promulgate the furnishings with clarity to speciaregister and non-speciaregister audiences
S5. Fastidiously evaluate the livingable competitive usage (and its underlying drivers) control an organisation
Application of attainments and skills
A1. Attune and adduce strategic disprogress attainments and skills in distinct and odd organisational settings.
A2. Adduce proprietary tools and techniques to enunciate strategic options that an deed can manifestation to amplify and originate shareholder estimate in the matter of a changing global and topical environment.
A3. Integrate immaterial, gregarious and environmental perspectives into the organisational strategies
Topics may comprise:
The concept of treatment
Tools of strategic discourse: goals, estimates and deed
The dissection of activity and manifest environment
The dissection of interior environment of the solid: media and capabilities
Duty strategies in contrariant activity matters
Urbane strategies
Strategies control competing in intergregarious signets
Construction accommodation control treatment execution
Treatment Implementation
Urbane refinement and strategic administerership
Ethics and Urbane Gregarious Responsibility
V1. Appreciate the moment of strategic disprogress in the matter of increasing irregularity and competitive topical and global duty environments.
V2. Appreciate the elevated smooth of fastidious thinking and the increasing plight control imsymbolical as well-mannered-mannered as wholesale frameworks in treatment enunciatement and implementation.
V3. Appreciate the need control natural perceiveing in dispose to haunt up-to-age skills and attainments
Disequalize Attributes
FedUni disequalize attributes declaration. To enjoy disequalizes with attainments, skills and power that empower them to depobject extinguished as fastidious, imaginary and enquiring perceiveers who are capable, easy and effect recognizey, and chargeable on, imsymbolical and affianced citizens.
Attribute Brief Description Focus
Knowledge, skills and power Novices enunciate awareness that the theories and tools of strategic disprogress eliminate to disprogress the children of livinged competitive usage of duty in contrariant macro and intergregarious environmental settings and that aware trial must be expended to determine vogue in the instruction. Elevated
Critical, imaginary and enquiring perceiveers Novices economize attainments and tools to equip defiant and real duty strategies in effectplace. Elevated
Capable, easy and effect recognizey Novices to effect collaboratively in a team to embark investigation, dissection and controlm of activity, macro and global environment basis in their relieve toll labor. Disequalizes enunciate the accommodation to hunt a upper smooth disprogress line which requires them to interact with distinct assembly of stakeholders. Elevated
Responsible, imsymbolical and affianced citizens Novices underdepobject and adduce completeness and gregarious responsibility principles in the controlmulation and implementation of strategies. Elevated
Comprehension Labors and Toll
Comprehension Extinguishedcomes Assessed Toll Labor Toll Type
K1,K3, K4 S3, A1 Assess centre principles and theories and adduce associated analytical frameworks Instance Dissection
K1,K2,K3,K4, S1, S2,S4,S5 A1,A2, A3 Analyse solid, organisation or activity using a arorder of approaches Ordinance/Report/Essay
K1,K3,K4 S3,S5 A2,A3 Re-examination and analyse symbolical across the series Exam/Instance Preparation
The controlthcoming labors succeed be graded.
Labor Released Ascribable Weighting
Individual Proof Week 1 Thu, Apr 9, 2020 – 16:00 (Week 4) 10.0%
Assignment/Fame Week 1 Thu, May 21, 2020 – 16:00 (Week 10) 45.0%
Testimony Week 1 Object of exam 45.0%
Toll Labor 1: Individual Proof
A 60 microscopic in-arorder closed-body proof which succeed portion incomprehensive repartee scrutinys abquenched to explanation concepts from the original three weeks of the series.
Toll Labor 2: Written Ordinance (Assembly Fame)
Toll Details – In assemblys of no past than three novices you are to picked a upperperforming (activity overhead-average deed) solid (Any union negative FLIGHT CENTRE) that is registered on a hoard exsubstitute and afford contrast advice on the solid and the elder activity it competes in. Using Porter`s Five Controlces framework, search the competitiveness of the solid’s activity. Search the distinguished portions of the solid’s duty-smooth and urbane treatment throughextinguished its narrative that are the elder reasons control the solid’s upper deed. Pilotd by treatment Gurus (Porter, Mintzberg), what would you purpose to determine treatment making is improved in the controlthcoming? As a consultant to the solid, what would you enjoy advised the solid control enunciateing storder capabilities to attune to the changing activity environment?
Toll Labor 3: Last Cupelimony
The exam is a closed-body exam of 3 hours promise. Entire symbolical genial in this series is examinable.
Normal congeniality symbolicals succeed be entireowed in the cupelimony venue. The novices succeed be required to repartee three scrutinys extinguished of five options. The novices are expected to transcribe environing 800-900 signification control complete scrutiny. Each of the scrutinys has span/past sections.
Recommended age per perceiveing activity
Comprehension Activity Description Hours
Workshops 3 Hours Per Week During Semester 36
Reading Cemer to Effectshops 2 Hours Per Week During Semester 24
Preparation of Set Scrutinys, Exercises and Problems 2 Hours Per Week 24
Investigation and Congeniality of Ordinances Preparation of ordinance 36
Study and variation control proof and object of semester cupelimony Study and variation control proof and object of semester cupelimony 30
Total: 150
Inferiority and Return of Novice Effect
Toll Labor 1: Individual Proof
The proof succeed generally be held in the effectshop synod. Signed proof papers handed tail in arorder amid span weeks of sitting the proof.
Toll Labor 2: Written Ordinance (Assembly Fame)
Single written inferiority per assembly (3000-3500 signification except magistrate compendium and belongences) via Moodle. You enjoy to exhibit your dissection in the effectshop synod 12.
Marks with feedtail succeed be affordd amid single week of exhibitation of the assembly fame.
Toll Labor 3: Last Cupelimony
The written cupelimony succeed be held during the exam age controlthcoming the object of the semester. Normal exam stipulations succeed adduce.
Students succeed be advised of grades via fdl grades, at the object of the semester.
Last Exam
The last exam in this series succeed procure situate in the object of promise exam age. It succeed be a 3 Hours exam and novices succeed NOT be unimpeded to procure in any symbolicals.
Closing the Loop / Novice Feedback
1. 1. Acknowledgement of explanation childrens verified through such feedback: Scant novices recommended control dissuccession of scrutinys at the object of each effectshop.
2. 2. Compendium of improvements or series modifications as a conprogression of the novice feedback, compatriot re-examination and/or series re-examination: Dissuccession controlum succeed be assumed control each week in Moodle.
3. 3. Compendium of how explanation childrens succeed be discourseed in the controlthhereforthcoming exhibition of the series: They succeed administer to substitutes in controlthhereforthcoming exhibition.
4. 4. An estimated age when any consequenceing substitutes succeed be interposed in the series: Usually in the present exhibition.
Topics Assessed
Entire topics genial during this series are theme to toll.
Assistance with Online Inferiority
Students are frequently asked to resign tolls online. Here are a scant manifestationful links that usher-in novices to the Turnitin software:
Environing Turnitin
Novice Guidance on Turnitin
Novice Turnitin Advance 2020 (Moodle Living Shell)
Special Consideration
If novices are adversely artful by vitality case a wishary toll production of up to five University effecting days control single toll labor may be granted at the wish of the governor, lecturer, or series coordinator (resting on grant way) upon a plain supplicate by the novice via the Wishary Toll Production controlm.
However if a novice has accustomed or encountered some controlm of disusage or hindrance (medical reasons; hardship/trauma; benign grounds; other suggestive inducement) in past than single series and requires past than five effecting days production, then they may adduce control Special Consideration.
Control aid advice on Wishary Toll Productions and Special Consideration, including advance to the cunning, procedures or associated controlms, visit
Helpful Grades
A register of the succorful grades, a description of the identical required novice deed and the required percentages control the Series is given in the University Handbook. The Series Coordinator may dependardise uncooked signs precedently entireocating grades.
Academic Completeness
Plagiarism is the exhibitation of the explicit supposition or effect of another special as though it is single’s admit withextinguished properly acknowledging that special.
Students must belongable entireow other novices to representation their effect and must procure economy to protection resisting this happening. In instances of representationing, normally entire novices implicated succeed be penalised equally; an negativeion succeed be if the novice can present the effect is their admit and they took dispassionate economy to protection resisting representationing. Plagiarism is a careful insult. Please belong to the controlthcoming documents:
Statute 6.1: Novice Instruction
Regulation 6.1: Novice Instruction
Regulation 6.1.1: Plagiarism
Academic Regulations
Supplementary advice relative-to instruction, perceiveing, and toll may be affordd from age to age in vindication to occasional case. This may comprise substitutes in ages or dregs of arrangees, dispose of the catalogue or ascribable ages control ordinances. Announcement of these matters in arrangees and situatement of a belongableice on the series Moodle page shentire be reckoned to be authoritative belongableification. FedUni has a arorder of educational policies, procedures and pilotlines, which you can furnish at
Novice Living
The University affords abundant contrariant kinds of services to succor you bring-environing the most from your studies. You can visit the register of Novice Services touchs at Novices who enjoy a coercionfeiture or medical plight are gratifying to touch the Coercionfeiture Liaison Unit to argue academic living services. The role of the DLU is to living the enunciatement of a perceiveing and effecting environment that maximise free-trade in University vitality by novices with a coercionfeiture
Comprehension Disprogress System
This series compels manifestation of Moodle to living your perceiveing. You can advance Moodle from the FedUni home page or at If you do belongable enjoy advance control this series you should belongableify your series co-ordinator immediately
Late Ordinance
Toll labors resignted coercionthcoming the ascribable age, withextinguished cemer approval/arrangement, succeed be penalised at 10% of the succorful signs per day. Supplicates control production of age must be made with the lecturer disturbed and installed on Special Consideration pilotlines
A extractbody is recommended control this series. In restoration, the controlthcoming journals are costly sources of advice:
1. Journal of Disprogress & Organization, published by eContent Disprogress Pty Ltd, (ISSN 1833-3672)
2. Harvard Duty Re-examination, published by Harvard Duty School Promulgation Corp., (ISSN 0017-8012)
3. Academy of Disprogress Journal, Published by Academy of Discourse, (ISSN 0001-4273)
4. Strategic Disprogress Journal, Published by Strategic Disprogress Society, (ISSN 0143-2095)
5. Journal of Duty Ethics, Springer, ISSN: 0167-4544 (imprint account) ISSN: 1573-0697 (electronic account)
6. Mckinsey quarterly – succorful on-line at
7. Sloan Disprogress Re-examination
8. Web sites of consultants –; www. (control the promulgation Treatment and
Business); control Harvard Duty School effecting papers
Hill, C. W. L., Jones, G. R., and Schilling, M.A. (2017 or later). Strategic Discourse: Theory & Instances: An Integrated Approach . CENGAGE LEARNING PTY LTD. ISBN: ISBN-10: 130550227
eBody / Online
Hill, C. W. L., Jones, G. R., and Schilling, M.A. (N/A). Strategic Discourse: Theory & Instances: An Integrated Approach (Publisher Discount Code: GETSMART) . CENGAGE LEARNING PTY LTD.
Note that some symbolical in lectures, ordinances and other media affordd to novices may hold plain quotations from the extract body(s) and belongences registered.
The controlthcoming is an near pilot to the progression of topics in this series.
Week(s) Topic(s)
1 Strategic Administerership: Managing the Treatment-Making Way control Competitive Dissection Extract Body Chapter 1
2 Competitive Dissection I : Manifest Dissection: The Identification of Opportunities and Threats Extract Body Chapter 2
Week(s) Topic(s)
3 Competitive Dissection II: Interior Dissection: Distinguished Competencies, Competitive Usage, and Profitability.
Extract Body Chapter 3
4 Construction Competitive Usage Through Functional-Smooth Treatment.
Extract Body Chapter 4
Individual Proof
Resign single-page extinguishedline of union clarified control Ordinance 2
5 Strategies: Construction Competitive Usage Through Duty-Smooth Treatment Extract Body Chapter 5
6 Duty-Smooth Treatment and the Activity Environment Extract Body Chapter 6
7 Urbane-Smooth Treatment: Horizontal Integration, Vertical Integration, and Strategic Extinguishedsourcing.
Extract Body Chapter 9
8 Urbane-Smooth Treatment: Kindred and Unkindred Diversification. Extract Body Chapter 10
9 Treatment in the Global Environment. Extract Body Chapter 8
10 Implementing Treatment Through Organisation Extract Body Chapter 12
11 Urbane Refinement and Administerership; Urbane Governance, Gregarious Responsibility and Duty Ethics
Extract Body Chapter 11 and other symbolicals succorful in Moodle
12 Exhibitation of 2nd Ordinance, Series Overview and Last Exam-Preparation
The fame control the relieve ordinance must be resignted via Moodle by Monday 11:55 pm of week 12.
Adopted Belongence Style

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