A recent survey of senior executives from 197 companies worldwide with sales exceeding $500 million found that less than 15% compared the business results with the strategic plan performance and delivered only 63% of their potential performance (Mankins & Steele, 2005).

Some top-level and mid-level managers identify misaligned goals and leadership as the largest challenges (Sy, 2005). Additionally, Carson (1992) reported that 80% of organizations in the USA with 100 or more employees have assigned employees to working groups identified as teams. To support organizational goals the team design may vary but the results have been very consistent: over 50% of team members view their cross-functional team’s work as unsuccessful, with weak leadership being referenced as a major contributor (Proehl, 1996).

For your Portfolio project, perform a strategy-to-performance gap of the leadership skills used in your organization (focus on cross-functional teams, if used) and recommend how the leadership skills could be improved to support the organization’s vision. Your paper should be professionally presented in APA Paper Writing Service by Expert Writers Pro Paper Help: Online Research Essay Help, should be between 11 pages, and should demonstrate a thorough understanding of various leadership styles and theories, but more importantly, it should focus on the application of those theories to a real organization. The organization you write about can be a school, church, non-profit, government, military, or corporate organization.
Strategy-to-Performance Gap of Leadership Skills in a Corporate Organization


Leadership is a complex and multifaceted concept. It is often defined as the ability to influence others to achieve a common goal. However, leadership is more than just giving orders and expecting them to be followed. It is also about motivating, inspiring, and empowering others to reach their full potential.

In today’s business world, leadership is more important than ever before. The pace of change is accelerating, and organizations need leaders who can adapt to change quickly and effectively. They also need leaders who can build and maintain high-performing teams, and who can create a culture of innovation and creativity.

The Strategy-to-Performance Gap

Despite the importance of leadership, many organizations struggle to achieve their strategic goals. This is often due to a gap between the leadership skills that are needed and the leadership skills that are actually present in the organization.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to this gap. Research Paper Writing Service: Professional Help in Research Projects for Students – One factor is the lack of effective leadership development programs. Many organizations do not provide their leaders with the training and development they need to be successful. As a result, they may lack the skills and knowledge they need to lead their teams effectively.

Do My Assignment For Me UK: Class Assignment Help Services Best Essay Writing Experts – Another factor that can contribute to the strategy-to-performance gap is the lack of alignment between the organization’s strategy and its leadership. If the organization’s strategy is not clearly communicated to its leaders, or if the leaders do not understand how their roles contribute to the achievement of the strategy, it will be difficult for them to lead their teams effectively.

The Role of Leadership in Cross-Functional Teams

In today’s business world, cross-functional teams are becoming increasingly common. These teams are made up of people from different departments or functions within the organization. They are often formed to work on projects that require expertise from a variety of different areas.

Cross-functional teams can be very effective, but they can also be challenging to manage. This is because they bring together people with different perspectives, experiences, and priorities. It is important for leaders of cross-functional teams to have the skills and knowledge necessary to manage these differences effectively.

Some of the key leadership skills that are essential for cross-functional teams include:

Communication: Leaders of cross-functional teams need to be excellent communicators. They need to be able to communicate effectively with people from different backgrounds and with different levels of understanding.
Collaboration: Leaders of cross-functional teams need to be able to collaborate effectively with others. They need to be able to build relationships, trust, and consensus.
Conflict resolution: Leaders of cross-functional teams need to be able to resolve conflict effectively. They need to be able to mediate disputes, build bridges, and find win-win solutions.
Empowerment: Leaders of cross-functional teams need to be able to empower their team members. They need to give them the freedom and responsibility to make decisions and take action.
Recommendations for Improving Leadership Skills

There are a number of things that organizations can do to improve their leadership skills. Research Paper Writing Service: Professional Help in Research Projects for Students – One important step is to provide their leaders with effective leadership development programs. These programs should focus on developing the skills and knowledge that leaders need to be successful.

Do My Assignment For Me UK: Class Assignment Help Services Best Essay Writing Experts – Another important step is to align the organization’s strategy with its leadership. This means clearly communicating the organization’s strategy to its leaders and helping them to understand how their roles contribute to the achievement of the strategy.

Finally, organizations can provide their leaders with opportunities to practice their leadership skills. This can be done by giving them challenging assignments, by providing them with feedback, and by encouraging them to participate in leadership development programs.


Leadership is essential for organizational success. write my research paper owl essayservice uk writings. improving their leadership skills, organizations can close the strategy-to-performance gap and achieve their strategic goals.

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