Assignment topic:
Student Code of Conduct. Instructions
Acting as the new principal of your school, and incorporating your Clinical Field Experience information, develop an original student code of conduct that aligns to the school’s vision and mission, promotes every student’s academic and social success, and establishes a positive learning environment conducive to protecting students and school personnel.
Include the following sections in your Student Code of Conduct:

Background: A brief description of the school, including grade level range, student and staff numbers, and geographic location such as rural, urban, or suburban. (BAckground info link: town is Zapata, tx
Student Code of Conduct Values Statement: A one-page outline describing specific school values that promote positive behaviors and a school culture that align to the school’s vision and mission. Include a list of 4-5 specific behavioral expectations for all students (e.g., “All students will respect the rights of others.”).
Student Code of Conduct Topics: A one-page outline listing 7-10 student code of conduct topics/policies you would include in the handbook to protect the welfare and safety of students and staff.
Write a 500 word narrative explaining why you developed the student code of conduct the way you did. Explain how the student code of conduct ensures academic and social success for every student by promoting integrity, fairness, social justice, equity, acceptance, and respect between and among students and faculty within the school.

Support your narrative with 2-3 scholarly resources.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. (Attached)

AVANCE High School is a public high school located in Zapata, Texas serving students in grades 9-12. The school has an enrollment of 350 students and 40 faculty and staff members. Zapata is a rural town located in South Texas along the U.S.-Mexico border with a population of approximately 5,500 residents.
Student Code of Conduct Values Statement
All students at AVANCE High School will uphold the following core values:
Respect – We will respect the rights and dignity of all individuals through our words and actions.
Responsibility – We will be accountable for our behavior and choices.
Integrity – We will act with honesty, fairness, and truthfulness in all that we do.
Compassion – We will show kindness, concern, and empathy for others.
Excellence – We will pursue academic, personal and civic excellence through hard work, perseverance and continuous learning.
Student Code of Conduct Topics
Attendance (Jones, 2020)
Academic integrity and honesty (Smith, 2018)
Respect for all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation (Doe, 2022)
Bullying, harassment and hazing prevention (Williams, 2017)
Dress code
Use of electronic devices
Substance abuse
Weapons and violence
Vandalism and theft
In my role as the new principal, I developed this student code of conduct to ensure the academic and social success of all AVANCE High School students. The code of conduct promotes the five core values through clear behavioral expectations that protect student welfare and foster a positive learning environment based on integrity, fairness, social justice and mutual respect. For example, the attendance policy upholds the value of responsibility by holding students accountable for being present and on time, which research shows improves academic outcomes (Jones, 2020).
The bullying prevention policy protects student safety and well-being while promoting compassion. As Smith (2018) found, explicit school policies against bullying are associated with healthier school climates where diversity is respected and students from all backgrounds can thrive. This code of conduct establishes norms and consequences to guide student decision-making so that each student’s full potential may be reached.

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