TED Talk Speech

Discussion: TEDTalk Speech

With the points discussed in this chapter in mind, this assignment will require you to observe someone presenting a speech. Go to youtube.com and type in “TEDTalk” in the search bar. TEDTalks are very short but effective speeches on a variety of subjects. Choose one that interests you.

Discuss the TEDTalk you chose commenting on the content of the speech and presentation style of the speaker. What elements of their speech could you use in your speech? What elements would you not want to use? Why?

Please include the URL so others may also view this talk if they desire.
Writing Guide:
When evaluating a TEDTalk speech, it is important to consider both the content and the presentation style of the speaker. Look for elements such as clarity of message, engaging storytelling, and use of humor, visuals, and body language.

Additionally, pay attention to the speaker’s pacing and tone of voice, as well as their ability to connect with the audience and make their message relevant and impactful. Take note of what techniques the speaker uses to capture and maintain the audience’s attention throughout the talk.

As for what elements to use or not use in your own speech, this will depend on your personal style and the topic you are presenting. However, it is always helpful to incorporate elements that effectively engage and connect with your audience, while avoiding techniques that might be distracting or ineffective.

One example of a powerful TEDTalk speech is “The Power of Vulnerability” by Brené Brown, which can be found at the following URL: https://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_the_power_of_vulnerability.